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How to Access and Use the Emoji Keyboard on Mac

Emojis are cute. They add some character to the message you want to convey. So, it’s worth knowing how to use emoji keyboard on Mac. We'll show you how here.

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How to Remove App Logs on Mac to Keep Your Mac Clean

Application logs take up space. If you don’t pay attention to them, your Mac is going to run out of space. Knowing how to remove app logs on Mac here.


USB Ports Not Working on Mac: Top Solutions to Fix

You may plug a USB in one of the ports but it doesn’t recognize it. What should you do when USB ports not working on Mac? Here are some fixes.

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How to Connect MacBook to TV: Simple Steps to Follow

Do you want to mirror everything from your Mac to a big screen? If you do, then you should know how to connect MacBook to TV in this post.

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How to Turn Off Annoying Notifications on Mac

Notifications can get pretty annoying because they show up often. Well, you can turn them off. This article will show you how to turn off notifications on Mac.

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Is Kodi Safe to Install on Your Mac?

Since Kodi is free, everybody wants to give it a try to enjoy some media files. But is Kodi safe to install on your Mac? Check out in this post.

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Fixes to The Error of This Item is Temporarily Unavailable

This item is temporarily unavailable appears on your Mac screen. When that happens, what can you do about it? This article will show you how to fix that.

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Efficient Fixes in 2020: Facetime Not Working on Mac

You may face the issue of Facetime not working on Mac when you are having video chat with friends. Don't worry, we'll show you top fixes to this issue here.

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