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How to Fix iMessage Not Working on Mac as of 2019

In this article, we are going to show you how to fix some issues that you might be encountering and causing your iMessage not to work properly.

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A Quick Guide on Sharing Files by AirDrop on Mac

Sharing files is the most common thing in our daily life. This essay is going to show you a quick guide on how to share a file by AirDrop on Mac.

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Tips: How to Back Up iPhone to Mac

Have you ever lost your data on iPhone? If you have, you'd better form a habit to back up your files. Here are some tips on how to back up iPhone on Mac.

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A Complete Guide on How to Access iCloud on Mac

Here is an article about a complete guide on how to access iCloud on Mac. After mastering the tricks, you will know it is very simple for you to access iCloud.

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Shortcuts! Ways on How to Make Space on Mac!

Many users find there's too much stuff on their Mac, so they're searching for some useful methods to make space. So this is what the article for.

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How to Access iCloud Photos on Mac

Today people like to store their photos in iCloud for its convenience and security. So how to access iCloud Photos on Mac? Read this article and get to know it.

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Simple & Effective Guide on How to Delete Backups on Mac

You might see an expanding sum of locally stored backups, ought to you need to recover that space, here's a simple yet effective guide to delete backups on Mac.

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How to Completely Uninstall Chromium on Mac

Serving as an alternative browser, sometimes users might want to uninstall Chromium on their Mac because they felt the app is unuseful or harm to their Mac.