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Useful Tips to Fix Illustrator Running Slow on Mac

Stuck with illustrator running slow on Mac? Learn advanced hacks, factors to consider for a fast app, do’s and don’ts along with useful tips here.

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Effective Ways on How to Hide Messages on Mac

When Messages feature is activated by default, it can become an irritant. So, we'll show you most effective ways on how to hide Messages on Mac in this post.

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Fix Excel Running Slow on Mac for Better Experience

Are you deadlocked by Excel running slow? Try out quick and super-easy ways provided in this post to fix the bug so that to have a better experience in Excel.

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How-to: Safely Delete iCloud Account from Mac

You may be forced to delete your iCloud before separate an Apple ID from other users. This post will show you how to delete iCloud account from Mac permanently.


How to Remove Opera from Mac in A Single Click

In this post, you'll learn fast, super-easy ways on how to remove Opera from Mac with a dedicated tool designed to purge all traces of data in a single click.


How to Speed Up Adobe Premiere CC Pro on Mac

Does your Adobe Premiere Pro slow? You can speed up Premiere Pro by tweaking media cache settings or others, just find the easy and useful ways here!

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[2020 Top Fixes] Finder Not Responding on Mac

Fix Finder not responding on Mac by deleting a corrupted file, quitting Spotlight indexing, reclaiming storage space and more. Check the details here!

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Proven Tricks on How to Fix Fortnite Lag on Mac

Learn proven tricks to fix Fortnite lag on Mac here. You can invoke Boot Camp, use full-screen mode, configure all settings to low or close background process.

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