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Add Subtitles To MP4 with Permanent, Free and Online Ways

How to add subtitles to MP4 video files? Well, that’s easy! This guide will teach you the right way to do the job and make sure your videos have subtitles.

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Converting YouTube To AAC Is Easy With Our Methods!

This guide will help you to convert YouTube to AAC easily using different methods. We will also introduce AAC as a file format. Read here to learn more.

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How to Convert YouTube to FLAC Lossless with Easy Ways

Converting your favorite YouTube videos is easy. Here, we will discuss how to convert YouTube to FLAC through different methods. Take a look at our guide.

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Converting MKV to MP3 Easily [Comprehensive Guide]

Do you want to convert MKV to MP3? We will teach you the steps to convert from one file format to another easily. Check this guide right here.

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Convert MP3 to M4A Easily and Quickly [Free Online]

This guide will help you convert MP3 to M4A easily and quickly. We will teach you how to do it without encountering errors. Learn more about it here.

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Detailed Guide to Convert AVI to WMV (Free Online)

Convert AVI to WMV is easy. You just have to learn the tricks of the process. Here, we will teach you how to transform your AVI files to the WMV format.

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FIXED: You Can’t Open Safari Because It Is Being Updated

We’ll tell you how to fix ‘You can’t open Safari because it is being updated’. In this way, you can still use the browser whenever you want to surf the net.


How to Clear Spotify Cache on Mac Quickly

Unfortunately, Spotify can have issues at times as it’s not foolproof. That’s why we recommend you clear the Spotify cache on Mac. Learn how to do it here.