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How to Trust iMyMac on Your Mac

After purchasing iMyMac, you need to enable Full Disk Access in macOS to allow iMyMac to scan all areas of your Mac to prevent your Mac from malware threats.

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How to Save An Image on Mac without Scrambling

This article imparts exquisite ways to save an image on your Mac without scrambling so that you can share your desired photo across your social network.

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Easy Guide on How to Share Photos on iCloud

To preserve privacy, you may need to how to share photos on iCloud. It’s safer to share photos on private platforms anyway. Find the way to do so in this post.

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Quick Guide on How to Free Up Space on Macbook Air

Have you found your MacBook Air slow down lately? You may need to free up space on MacBook Air to have it run faster. Then this article is here for you.


Top Solutions to ‘Skype Can’t Connect Mac’ Issue

The issue of ‘Skype Can’t Connect Mac’ could spell doom to your upcoming job interview, important call or conference. Pick up solutions in this post to fix it!

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How To Encrypt A Folder With A Password On Mac

Knowing how to put a password on folder mac adds an extra layer of security to private contents. This post will give you useful ways to encrypt your folders.

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[2019 Updated] Where Are iMovie Files Stored?

Where are iMovie files stored? Older versions and iMovie 10 store their files at different destinations. There're ways to find the iMovie storehouse here.

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How to Permanently Delete Gmail Emails with Ease

Attachments and files slip-on downloaded from your Gmail still linger in your system. So you need to learn how to permanently delete Gmail emails in this post.

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