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How to Steer Clear of Other Volumes in Container on Mac?

Do you know what 'other volumes in container' means? This article will talk about other volumes in container, APFS partition and how to manage your file system.


Causes and Fixes: Why Do Some Websites Not Load On Mac

You try to load some websites but failed. Then you wonder why do some websites not load on Mac. Here will show you reasons and quick fixes to this issue.

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Can You Play League of Legends on Mac Without Any Lags?

Can you play League of Legends on Mac? Well, Some users have reported macOS Catalina doesn’t support it. So we’ll talk about that issue in this article.

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Top Solutions to MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working

What to do if your MacBook Pro keyboard not working? Feel frustrated by a jammed keyboard? This post will dive beneath the problems and fixes them for you.

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Top VCD Players for Mac You Should Try This 2020

Can a Mac Play a VCD? Yes, it can. But if you are still looking best VCD players for Mac to enjoy your videos, then this post is right for you. Keep reading!

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Top Fixes for Your iCloud Drive Taking Up Space on Mac

It could get pretty frustrating if your iCloud Drive taking up space on Mac. So we will show you reasons and top fixes to help you solve this issue here.


2020 Techniques on How To Create A Hidden Folder On Mac

Do you know how to create a hidden folder on Mac? Here we provide some techniques to help you make your folders hidden, so you don't worry your privacy leaked.

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How To Edit JPG On Mac to Make Your Photos Interesting

Today, JPG files dominate image types, and we always need to crop, resize, rotate or edit them. So we'll show you simple ways on how to edit JPG on Mac here.

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