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How to Delete .Ds_Store Files on Mac

Here are 2 Ways to remove .DS_Store files on Mac. The file is a proprietary Mac / OSX system file. In most cases, if deleted, nothing will happen.

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How to Use Mac Disk Utility to Repair Disk?

Use Mac Disk Utility to repair your disk such as Multiple applications accidentally quit, Damaged files and access errors, External equipment work is not normal


How to Edit Mac Hosts File?

What is Mac hosts file, and what is the difference between it and the more common DNS? How to Edit Mac Hosts File? Here are full answers to those questions.


How to Partition A Hard Drive on Mac?

The article list 2 methods to partition a hard drive on Mac. What about the benefits to partition? And what you need to do before the partition of the hard disk


How to Defrag A Mac

In this article, we will show you how to defrag a Mac, all the advantages, and disadvantages of doing so, as well as the alternatives to defragmentation.


How to Lock Mac Screen?

It is necessary to learn these 5 easy ways to lock mac screen. Because security is a very important issue, especially because Mac computers are very portable.


What is SSD Life?

What is SSD life? And how to prolong SDD life have given in this post. If you get a low SSD life alarm please backup your data to prevent data loss.


How to Dual Boot Mac?

This is a step-by-step guide for dual boot Mac. Do you want to run two operating systems on the same hard disk? You only need 5 easy steps.