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How to Disable Siri on Mac to Protect Your Privacy

Looking for ways on how to disable Siri on your Mac? We can help you to stop Siri from functioning and protect your personal privacy in this article.


Uninstall Ubuntu on Mac Completely with Easy Clicks

Do you have questions on how you could uninstall Ubuntu on your Mac? If yes, we got a few recommendations for you to remove it from Mac quickly and easily.


How to Stop Google Play Music on Mac (with Removal Tip)

Would you like to stop Google Play Music on Mac from auto starting? Just read through this article and we will share with you some guidelines and tips.


How to Reinstall Google Chrome on Mac and Other OS

Would you like to reinstall google chrome because it keeps crashing time by time? We will help you completely remove it and reinstall it again in this article.


YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac: Guide + List

Getting music from YT is a popular technique. As such, most people use a YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac to get the job done. Here’s a comprehensive guide.

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How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac without Losing Quality

Do you want to know how to convert AVI to MP4 on Mac? Our detailed article will show you various in-built or downloadable tools that you can do the conversion.

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Ultimate Mac Video Converter List (Free Conversion Tools)

Do you want a Mac video converter list wherein you can choose the right tool for your needs? We have the ultimate guide for you right on this page!

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Mac YouTube Downloader: How To Grab YT Videos On macOS

Video lover? You may want a Mac YouTube downloader list to help you grab YouTube videos on your computer. We’ll run the ropes on top list to help you out.

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