Microsoft is the company that is responsible for the Active Streaming Format (also known as Advanced Streaming Format) file format. ASF is mostly used on Windows, it is incompatible with the Apple devices and players.

Рекомендуется, чтобы вы convert ASF to MOV or formats that are more widely used. Now you need a tool to transcode file format to help you do this job. In this article, we will introduce some powerful tools to turn ASF into MOV format.

Содержание: Part 1. Easily Convert ASF to MOV on Mac/WindowsPart 2. Easy Tools to Convert ASF to MOV Online for FreePart 3. What is ASF File Extension?Часть 4. Вывод

Part 1. Easily Convert ASF to MOV on Mac/Windows

Users of both Windows and Mac platforms will find that Конвертер видео iMyMac is the finest ASF converter available. This is because the conversion process is both fast and easy with this tool. Because it comes with a batch mode, it makes it possible for you to effortlessly convert several video files from ASF to MOV at the same time.

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In addition to being able to convert ASF files to MOV format, it can also convert ASF files to a variety of other video formats, such as convert ASF files to MP4 format and so on. This is a very useful feature. You may edit the completed films with this feature-rich program by cropping, rotating, adding special effects and a watermark, or combining them together.

The below are the steps to convert ASF to MOV easily:

  1. Запустите iMyMac Video Converter на компьютере Mac или Windows. Авторизация — это все, что требуется для доступа к вашей учетной записи.
  2. Drag any other file, including ASF-файлы, в окно программы.
  3. Когда вы нажимаете кнопку "Конвертировать формат" button, you can define the kind of file you want the file to be converted into by choosing a format like MOV в раскрывающемся меню.
  4. The user interface now makes it reasonably clear that files may be changed.
  5. Changes you make to the settings will be preserved if you choose Сохраните.
  6. Как только вы выберете Экспортировать from the toolbar, the conversion from ASF to MOV will begin.

Convert ASF to MOV Effortlessly

Part 2. Easy Tools to Convert ASF to MOV Online for Free

Инструмент 01.

This online ASF converter can convert files from ASF format to MOV as well as to a variety of other common file types, including 3GP, WMV, FLV, MP4, MKV, and AVI. In addition to that, it is able to convert ASF files into the format known as DivX, which is not widely used.

As a result, not only is it completely free but it can also be relied upon. Because it has such a simple user interface, using it is quite easy. It is easy to understand, making it perfect for novices, and it is compatible with a wide variety of file types. However, it does not give editing tools, and it does not convert video files that have security protection on them. Follow the steps to make ASF to MOV:

  1. Choose a file with the ASF extension.
  2. To begin uploading your file, click the "Конвертировать" button in the toolbar.
  3. When the upload is finished, the converter will take the user to a new web page that displays the results of the conversion.

Convert ASF into MOV Format Freely

Инструмент 02.

Another high-quality and widely-used free ASF converter is called Convertio. Not only does it convert movies to other media formats such as MOV, MP4, ASF, and WMV, but it also transforms audio, documents, photos, and archives, along with other file types. The steps below need to be done in order to use Convertio to convert ASF to MOV format:

  1. After starting the online ASF to MOV converter, click the "С компьютера" button to upload any video files you have stored on your local computer. There is also the possibility of importing files using a website link, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  2. The next step is to select "Видео" from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the option that is located next to the word "to," and then picks "ASF." 100 megabytes is the maximum size for a file that may be uploaded.
  3. Simply press the "Конвертировать" button to get the process of converting the clip to ASF format started. After that, you will have the option of saving the ASF files to your own computer, to Dropbox, or to Google Drive.

Инструмент 03.

FreeConvert is the next website that supports you to turn ASF to MOV files. In addition to MOV, it is able to convert movies saved in the ASF format to other video formats such as MP4, OGV, and FLV.

Aside from that, it gives users the ability to convert video properties such as Video Resolution, Framerate, Ratio Aspect, and Codec Video, amongst other things. Now that you have the instructions follow them.

When you convert ASF to MOV online using FreeConvert:

  1. Go to the main website.
  2. Then, after selecting the Добавить файлы option, choose one or even more ASF videos to upload.
  3. After that, make a selection for the export video format to be MOV.
  4. Finally, before you click the button that says "преобразовать в MOV," make sure the output video settings are set the way you prefer them to be before you press the button.

Convert ASF to MOV Online for Free

Part 3. What is ASF File Extension?

Knowing more details about ASF file will help you better understand the reason why you need to convert ASF to MOV format. Microsoft's exclusive digital video and audio container format, known as ASF (Advanced Systems Format), was created specifically for потокового мультимедиа.

Like MP3 files, .asf files may include metadata in addition to music and video content. This makes it possible to define an artist, album, etc.

Similar to previous formats, the file format supports streaming, enabling the user to see the content once a certain number of bytes have already been downloaded. While the user waits, the file keeps downloading.

Как конвертировать ASF в MOV

VLC Media Player, Real Player, and Windows Media Player are just a few of the numerous players that support ASF formats. If you want to convert ASF to MOV, you can also use the different converters provided in this article.

Часть 4. Вывод

It's uncommon for ASF to MOV converters to support a wide range of music, video, and picture formats. All of the aforementioned ASF file converters are pretty dependable, but you should choose the finest, iMyMac Video Converter since it works extremely quickly, provides editing capabilities, and more, and yields excellent results. Try this tool to convert ASF to MOV format quickly!

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