There are a lot of good reasons to конвертировать MP4 в TS. The fact that a TS file can be viewed on any device, as opposed to an MP4 file, which can only be read on devices that accept the MP4 format, is perhaps the most apparent advantage. This post will explore several tools for converting video formats. Both online and offline apps are given below.

Содержание: Part 1. Free Tools to Convert MP4 to TS on Mac/WindowsPart 2. Online Ways to Convert MP4 to TS SimplyPart 3. Is TS Better than MP4?Часть 4. Вывод

Part 1. Free Tools to Convert MP4 to TS on Mac/Windows

Инструмент 01. Конвертер видео iMyMac

Мы предлагаем использовать Конвертер видео iMyMac if you would like to make MP4 to TS without sacrificing the quality of either file in the process. It is compatible with a range of formats. Additionally, the tool does enable batch processing, which means that you will not have to wait an interminable amount of time to convert all of your files.

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Using this expert converter, you may convert MP4 files to TS or any other format. For instance, you can easily turn MP4 into AVI format quickly. Meanwhile, you will also have the option to alter videos using this application. It allows you to edit, clip out undesirable sections of recordings, and combine many videos into one.

Here is a tutorial that will instruct you on how to convert MP4 to TS formats so that you may use them.

  1. Откройте iMyMac Video Converter на компьютере Mac или Windows. Авторизация — это все, что требуется для доступа к вашей учетной записи.
  2. Любой другой файл, даже Файлы MP4, можно перетащить в окно программы, перетащив его туда.
  3. Выбрав такой формат, как TS from the drop-down menu, when you click the "Конвертировать формат" button, you can choose the sort of file you want the source file to be converted into.
  4. The user interface now makes the process of changing files more apparent.
  5. Any modifications you make to the settings are retained if you choose Сохраните.
  6. Как только вы выберете Экспортировать с панели инструментов начнется преобразование.

Convert MP4 to TS Format Offline

Инструмент 02. Медиаплеер VLC

Another tool that is capable of assisting you to convert MP4 to TS without charging you is VLC Media Player. Aside from being a media player, it also assists in the conversion of data, supporting a wide variety of video and audio formats.

On the other side, it is a flexible tool that gives users the ability to rotate films, clip, create overlays, and do a great deal more. To convert MP4 files to TS format using VLC, go to the simple approach provided here.

  1. On your computer, launch the VLC application and navigate to Конвертировать / Сохранить tab. To do this, pick the Convert/Save option from the Медиа menu after navigating to that section of the menu.
  2. When the window appears, choose the MP4 file you want to edit and click the Загрузить кнопку.
  3. In the last step, expand the Profile option and choose TS as the format for the output file.

Use VLC Media Player to Convert MP4 to TS

Part 2. Online Ways to Convert MP4 to TS Simply

Converter 01.

AnyConv is a free online file converter that allows you to make MP4 to TS files online. This website is compatible with a large number of file types, such as documents, videos, archives, CAD files, images, audio, ebooks, and fonts, among many more.

It is only possible to upload files locally, and there is no cloud import option available. The converter can only handle one conversion once at a time for a given file. This converter has a number of useful features, one of which is the capability to delete all of the converted files one hour after a conversion has been completed. Follow the below steps to convert MP4 to TS:

  1. Visit the AnyConv and scroll down until you reach the part labeled "Преобразователь."
  2. You may upload the MP4 file by selecting the Выберите Файл option and then clicking on it.
  3. In the next stage, you will need to search for TS and then choose that choice after clicking on the формат экспорта
  4. The converting process may then be initiated by clicking the Конвертировать
  5. Скачать the newly converted MP4 file once you have waited for the process to conclude.

Convert MP4 to TS with Online Tools

Converter 02.

Converter365 is a free website that can convert over 1000 different file types, including movies, music, photos, and more. The service is based on the web. You are able to convert MP4 files to TS format online with its video converter.

The drag-and-drop method of operation makes it very easy to use. It is unnecessary to choose the format at the start. The uploading of the file comes first, followed by the selection of the desired output format, which in this instance is TS.

In addition to that, you will get other choices about the conversion. This contains the ability to alter the resolution, crop, codec, cut, mirror, and mute the video, as well as other editing tools. This website can handle files that are a maximum of 100 MB in size. Here is the guide to converting MP4 to TS using Converter365:

  1. Visit the website of Converter365 and choose the "Video Converter"вариант из меню.
  2. You may then pick TS as the output format when you've uploaded your MP4 file there.
  3. Modify the other conversion choices so that they better suit your requirements.
  4. After that, begin the conversion process to convert MP4 to TS.

Turn MP4 into TS for Free

Part 3. Is TS Better than MP4?

Both TS and MP4 may be used to store and broadcast video data. The main distinction between TS as well as MP4 files is that the TS file format is flat, but MP4 files start with an index. The TS format is preferable since it is a raw stream, while the mp4 is already ready for consumption. Additionally, the TS should be able to support larger bitrates. That is why other people would convert MP4 to TS.

Часть 4. Вывод

Now, watching your video on a TS video file won't cause you any problems with unsupported file formats. By using MP4 to TS format converters found on this page, video formats like MP4 may be converted to TS files. You may choose the tool that best meets your needs to convert MP4 to TS.

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