While Windows Media Video (WMV) formats are excellent, the MPEG4 (MP4) format is that which is used on a regular basis in the modern day. You may find that you need to convert WMV to MPEG4 online free on a pretty regular basis with the help of converters for transferring video format.

Video converters that are capable of supporting a wide variety of video formats can be found on the market in a seemingly endless supply, which is a fortunate development. In this article, we'll go over several of the more appealing possibilities that are open to you.

Содержание: Part 1. 4 Tools to Convert WMV to MPEG4 Online FreePart 2. Use Offline WMV to MPEG4 Converter for High QualityPart 3. About WMV & MPEG4

Part 1. 4 Tools to Convert WMV to MPEG4 Online Free

This section will show 4 converters that you may use to convert WMV files to MPEG4 online for free.

Инструмент 01. Convertio.co

Convertio is compatible with many file types, including music, video, images, documents, archives, presentations, fonts, and ebooks, and it enables you to convert them online without requiring you to download any software.

It has a very simple interface and is used by millions of people every single month. Additionally, Convertio has developed a Chrome plugin that adds other file converters to your toolbox for easy access.

  1. Upload video - To convert WMV to MPEG4 online free, select or add Файлы WMV. It may also be selected from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. Convert the file - After uploading, you may convert WMV в MPEG4. If modifying is needed, proceed to the next step.
  3. Modify the video - By selecting the gear icon, you may change parameters like resolution, quality, aspect ratio, and others. Then proceed by clicking the "КонвертироватьКнопка ".
  4. Video download - After your video has been altered and converted, you may save that to your Mac, PC, or other devices.

Convert WMV to MPEG4 Online

Инструмент 02. Онлайн-конвертер iMyMac

You won't have to pay anything to use the iMyMac Online Converter to convert WMV to MPEG4 online free, and it will convert your file in a lightning-fast and error-free way. Even though the resolution it can offer isn't really the same level of quality that the other converter can provide, it is still an excellent site to use.

  1. Add video files- Drag WMV files into the main interface to begin adding video files, or add a video to the right side of the screen.
  2. Choose output format - To convert video files, simply click the КонвертироватьFormat button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Cut video - The scissors symbol appears when the mouse cursor is placed over one of the films or audio files in the interface's bottom right corner. Toggle it. Play the audio or video again to locate the desired cutting point.
  4. Video file conversion - As soon as you begin converting videos, all of your recent projects will appear in the "Недавние Проекты" dashboard. To see your converted files, open Folder.

Convert WMV to MPEG4 Online Free

Tool 03. Freeconvert.com

Popular file conversion tool FreeConvert is available as a browser plugin or as a website. While it originally just had the capacity to convert images, it has now expanded to include the ability to convert eBooks, document files, video, audio, etc. Approximately 1500 distinct file types may now be used with the service. Follow the below steps to convert WMV to MPEG4 online free

  1. Посетите веб-сайт FreeConvert.
  2. Нажмите кнопку "Выберите файлы" option to choose your files.
  3. You may use a URL, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your device to upload files.
  4. Select the appropriate file type from the "Результат" drop-down option.
  5. Выберите "Конвертировать"
  6. Depending on the file size and format, your file/s will be available for download within a matter of seconds to minutes.

Turn WMV into MPEG4 for Free

Инструмент 04. Cloudconvert.com

CloudConvert is an online free file converter that was established in 2012. It can convert anything from documents, photos, and videos to archives, eBooks, and even CAD files. Additionally, it offers tools for merging files, capturing websites, extracting archives, and optimizing files. It is also one of the best tools to convert WMV to MPEG4 online free.

  1. Visit the website of CloudConvert.
  2. You may upload your file directly by clicking on "Выберите файл" and starting the converting process. Alternatively, you may click "Инструменты" and choose the necessary converter.
  3. The next step is to choose your file. Click the "Выберите файл" button to do this.
  4. Additionally, you may choose numerous files to batch convert. To do so, click the "Добавить больше файловКнопка ".
  5. After uploading the files, you may also modify the Options. When you have finished setting everything up, to start converting files, click the "КонвертироватьКнопка ".
  6. After all the processing and waiting, the work is finally "Finished," and you may now "Скачать" the converted file.

Use CloudConvert to Convert WMV to MPEG4 Online Free

Part 2. Use Offline WMV to MPEG4 Converter for High Quality

Работы С Нами Конвертер видео iMyMac, you can convert WMV to MPEG4 online free and music to whatever format you choose for playback compatibility at a rapid speed, without losing quality and without having to recompress the files.

Получите бесплатную пробную версию прямо сейчас!Получите бесплатную пробную версию прямо сейчас!

The multimedia quality enhancement allows you to fix videos that are dark, overexposed, or shaky by upscaling the video resolution from standard definition to high definition and making adjustments in the brightness and contrast of the clips for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Additionally, it endorses 3D conversion and allows you to convert your videos to and from standard definition, high definition, full high definition, and ultra-high-definition resolutions. You are able to convert films to a resolution that is suitable for your specific requirements.

With this video converter, you can easily convert WMV to MPEG4. If you want to convert WMV format to any other format you like, iMyMac Video Converter will help you finish the job efficiently. For instance, you are capable of converting WMV to MP4 files immediately.

Part 3. About WMV & MPEG4

Now we believed that you have mastered the method to convert WMV to MPEG4 online free. But do you know the reason why you need to convert it? To find out the answer, let’s dive into the explanation of these two formats.

A video that has been compressed using Windows Media Video (WMV) and stored in the Microsoft Advanced Systems Format is known as a WMV file. It supports HD video and can save TV shows, video clips, animation, movies, or other kinds of media.

WMV files also enable encryption. A WMV file may be opened by a number of media players. The built-in Microsoft Movies and TV players and Windows Media Player allow you to play WMV videos on Windows.

MPEG-4, which stands for "Moving Pictures Expert Group 4," is a standard for encoding audio and video. With this, it is a useful article explaining how to convert files WMV to MPEG4 online free. The technique shrinks an audio or video file's size while maintaining its integrity or quality.

Commonly abbreviated as "MP4", MPEG-4. Computer programs like VLC and QuickTime can read MP4 files. On DVDs and Blu-ray discs, it is also often utilized. All MPEG file formats are generally compatible with a broad range of applications, including QuickTime, Windows Media Player, iTunes, and VLC Media Player.


We have introduced 4 online tools to help you convert WMV to MPEG4 online free. You can easily finish the conversion with online tools but you can not convert large files due to the size limitations of these online converters.

An offline WMV to MPEG4 converter named iMyMac Video Converter is here to help. It supports you to upload large files and convert them quickly and losslessly. Grab this tool today!

Получите бесплатную пробную версию прямо сейчас!Получите бесплатную пробную версию прямо сейчас!