Xvid is a video codec based on the MPEG-4 coding standard. It enables users to stream films and share videos online. Although the MP4 is the most common video format, it still has certain compatibility problems. You are in luck since you can конвертировать MP4 в Xvid to satisfy your needs. So you may use a free tool that supports changing MP4 format чтобы помочь вам.

Read the post in its entirety to see how your MP4 films may be played seamlessly throughout the spaces of your house with the best MP4 to Xvid instruction.

Содержание: Part 1. The Best Tool to Convert MP4 to Xvid on Mac/WindowsPart 2. Convert MP4 to Xvid Online on Different ToolsPart 3. About the Xvid CodecЧасть 4. Вывод

Part 1. The Best Tool to Convert MP4 to Xvid on Mac/Windows

It is very necessary to choose programs that can turn MP4 into Xvid but also do it in a straightforward and high-quality way. When these capabilities are taken into consideration, it becomes clear that Конвертер видео iMyMac is the finest program available for converting MP4 videos to Xvid as well as other formats.

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The software is interoperable with the most recent and most widely used versions of both the Mac and Windows operating systems, and it can convert between different formats. So you can convert MP4 files to Xvid, and MP4 files to AVI format как тебе нравится.

The files that are produced by the conversion process are of lossless quality and may be produced at breakneck speeds. The batch processing allows for the simultaneous conversion of a large number of files. One of the many advantages of using this application is the availability of an editing feature, which enables users to make adjustments to the program's visual and audio output.

Aside from that, there are a variety of tools available for editing videos. You have the ability to make changes to the principal effects, as well as the volume, brightness, and saturation settings, as well as add watermarks and subtitles.

Follow the steps to convert MP4 to Xvid using this powerful converter:

  1. На компьютере Mac или Windows запустите iMyMac Video Converter. Все, что необходимо для доступа к вашей учетной записи, — это авторизация.
  2. You may drag any other file, including Файлы MP4, into the program's window.
  3. Когда вы нажимаете кнопку "Конвертировать формат" button, you can choose the kind of file you want the source file to be converted into by selecting a format like Xvid в раскрывающемся меню.
  4. The user interface now makes it clearer how to change files.
  5. Если вы выбираете Сохраните, all changes you make to the settings are kept.
  6. The conversion will start as soon as you choose Экспортировать с панели инструментов.

Convert MP4 to Xvid with iMyMac Video Converter

Part 2. Convert MP4 to Xvid Online on Different Tools

Инструмент 01. Convertio.co

Using Convertio, your files may be converted to common file formats, regardless of where they are stored: on your computer, in a URL, on Google Drive, or even in Dropbox. The tool enables you to convert the videos you have contributed into a variety of different audio, video, and picture formats.

The application is capable of supporting two different conversions at the same time simultaneously. After the file has been converted, you can download it to your own computer. However, modification of files is not supported, and connectivity to the internet is required. Refer to the below steps to convert MP4 to Xvid now:

  1. Open the website, then submit the MP4 to the Xvid converter there.
  2. As a consequence, choose Xvid or whatever format you need.
  3. Allow the MP4 file to convert before downloading the Xvid file.

Use Convertio to Turn Your Mp4 into Xvid

Tool 02. Anyconv.com

Anyconv is yet another web resource that can convert MP4 to Xvid online for free. Its primary function is that of an online file converter, with the ability to transform files into a wide variety of formats. It provides a specialized online tool for converting movies to Xvid from MP4, which may be accessed from its website.

Users of this application have the ability to convert numerous MP4 movies at once with this utility. You may convert MP4 movies to a variety of formats, including FLAC, MOV, AVI, and FLV, among others. Now, proceed by following the instructions that are listed below.

  1. Please take the time to visit this website.
  2. Then after, upload one or even more MP4 movies into an available slot.
  3. At this point, choose Xvid format for the video to be exported.
  4. At this point, all that's left to do is start the conversion by clicking the Конвертировать

Convert MP4 to Xvid Online

Tool 03. Onlineconvertfree.com

A tool for converting files and documents, onlineconvertfree is a platform that you may use to convert MP4 to Xvid. The list of file types that may be converted at the website onlineconvertfree is among the most comprehensive of any file conversion service.

It is not only capable of converting videos saved in the Xvid format to certain other well-known formats, but it also functions as trustworthy audio, picture, and document converter. The system verifies the conversion of files at high resolutions, such as 1080p. Hundreds enter each and every day to make use of the service.

The service is both quick and easy to use, and it also uses SSL шифрование. However, the pro edition only allows users to upload files that are up to 500 megabytes in size. At the moment, the user interface for the service may be accessed in 15 different languages.

  1. Upload the MP4 file on the server.
  2. Perform the MP4 to Xvid.
  3. Save the Xvid file to your computer.

Convert MP4 to Xvid for Free

Part 3. About the Xvid Codec

A video coding library called Xvid is used to compress high-quality files without sacrificing quality. A format is a common option for video formats since it is interoperable with all widely used platforms, operating systems, and media players.

Additionally, Xvid may be created on a CD or a DVD disk that can be viewed on DVD devices that support DivX. Many people prefer to convert MP4 to Xvid format due to compatibility, great compression, and other characteristics.

Часть 4. Вывод

The Xvid codec may be extracted from MP4 files using any of the suggested converters for MP4 to Xvid, and this conversion is guaranteed to work. After that, you'll be able to play them on the player of your choice. iMyMac Video Converter is a great option for you to convert MP4 to Xvid immediately and it also supports you to edit the final files. Try it today!

Получите бесплатную пробную версию прямо сейчас!Получите бесплатную пробную версию прямо сейчас!