Depending on the specific Adobe programs it is installed alongside, Adobe Media Encoder offers several video output formats. Like other programs from the company, this is going to take up a lot of space. So, you may want to uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac 并且 remove applications that are taking up space.

Lucky for you, we have the best guide you can get to remove Adobe Media Encoder from Mac. We will give the top tool for uninstalling apps on macOS computers. Then, we will talk about the manual means of removing the app from your device.

内容: Part 1. Quickly Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac & Delete LeftoversPart 2. How Do I Manually Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac?Part 3. About the Adobe Media Encoder Program部分4。 结论

Part 1. Quickly Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac & Delete Leftovers

新的 iMyMac PowerMyMac software makes it simple to remove apps from your computer. It offers a selection of practical apps to optimize Macs. The uninstaller, which enables you to completely remove any unwanted software from your Mac, is one of its benefits. It looks for any potentially harmful software or lingering data.


Using PowerMyMac, you can take charge of your computer by identifying and deleting any unnecessary files that are slowing it down. Duplicate files can be removed, applications can be uninstalled, and extensions may be changed.

This magical cleaner tool seeks to help users clear up space on their Mac by helping them remove useless files and programs. You may considerably improve the amount of disk space that is available by uninstalling useless software and its leftovers such as removing Adobe After Effects easily等等。

The following techniques can be used to uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac by using PowerMyMac:

  1. App卸载程序 从窗口的左侧菜单。
  2. 点击 SCAN button to examine all installed utilities and apps on your Mac laptop or desktop.
  3. After completing those processes, choose Adobe Media Encoder from the list of accessible applications.
  4. 单击 策兰 to be certain that the software is fully deleted from your Mac and that no files are left behind.

Easily Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac

Part 2. How Do I Manually Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac?

Method 01. Manually Remove Adobe Media Encoder

要从您的 macOS 设备中手动删除该应用程序,请按照以下说明进行操作。 下面也列出了删除残留文件的步骤:

Step 01. Close Adobe Media Encoder and any related processes.

Adobe Media Encoder must first be stopped from starting and running. If Adobe Media Encoder is turned on, a warning message will appear in the upper-right corner of your screen. Use the right-click menu to select 退出 从图标的菜单。

Go to Applications on your Mac to go to the Activity Monitor. The next step is to confirm that all background tasks and activities connected to the application have been ended. Navigate to the 应用 文件夹,然后选择 公用事业 folder to accomplish this. Next, choose 活动监视器.

You must pick 中央处理器 from the Activity Monitor's menu. The next step is to select the Adobe Media Encoder program. Simply click the X in the corner to erase. Stop on your own, or force yourself to stop if necessary. The associated processes of the software will all be terminated using this method.

Quit Adobe Media Encoder on Mac

Step 02. Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac Device.

The primary program file for Adobe Media Encoder must now be deleted from your Mac. To open the Applications folder, click Finder. Right-click the software or application icon after that. The choice is "移到废纸篓," and doing so just takes a little while.

Move Adobe Media Encoder to Trash

Step 03. Take off Any Remaining Related Files

We should also manually delete any further associated files. On the Finder, choose "前往文件夹" from the Go menu. Then enter "Library" 在搜索框中,然后单击开始。在下面列出的子文件夹中查找并删除与您的软件相关的任何文件。

/Application Support/

Go to the Trash folder on the Dock to 清空垃圾 on your Mac. To complete this, 重新开始 your Mac computer. Now you have finished the process to uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac.

Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder and Related Files

Method 02. Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder from Creative Cloud Desktop

To make sure the app isn't still on your macOS device, you may also delete it from your Creative Cloud desktop. Use the Creative Cloud desktop client rather than the Trash or Recycle bin to uninstall any outdated programs. To achieve it, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Activate Creative Cloud on your computer. Select the "无限" icon from the menu bar on your Mac.
  2. 该“更多操作" option must be selected, as shown by the three dots next to the software you want to delete. This is accessible from the "所有的应用程序“ 标签。
  3. The following step is to choose 卸载 从出现的下拉选项。
  4. You may choose whether to retain anything by clicking on it.
  • REMOVE - When a program is destroyed, all of its interface settings, plugins, alerts, and preferences are also erased.
  • KEEP - The program will be deleted, but the user interface settings, plugins, alerts, and preferences will all be retained.
  1. The procedure to uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac will begin. Keep an eye out for the process' completion.

Remove Adobe Media Encoder from Creative Cloud

Method 03. Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac Using Its Uninstaller

Use the uninstaller file that may be found in the program's main folder to remove Adobe Media Encoder from your computer. Follow these steps to accomplish it:

  1. On your macOS device, open the main Adobe Media Encoder folder.
  2. Next, search your computer's list of files and directories for the "卸载" software. You could discover the Uninstaller by performing a Finder search within the same folder.
  3. To begin the removal procedure, utilize the Uninstaller.
  4. 要从您的计算机中删除该程序,请按照屏幕上的说明进行操作。
  5. Wait till the removal process is finished. After that, restart your macOS computer to complete the removal of Adobe Media Encoder.

Part 3. About the Adobe Media Encoder Program

After introducing how to uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac, we will talk more about this program in this part. An audio/video media processing tool called Adobe Media Encoder会 enables users to convert data into other sorts of files, such as MP4 to WAV. Adobe applications including Character Animator, After Effects, Audition, Premiere Pro, and Prelude all function in tandem with Media Encoder.

Almost any format you can think of can be exported, input, transcoded, and proxy-created. Utilize presets, Watch Folders, and Destination Publishing to automate your operations. Without needing to reopen projects, use Time Tuner to covertly change the duration and apply LUTs and Loudness modifications.

How to Uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac

Video editors need Media Encoder because it enables them to keep working in After Effects or Premiere Pro while projects are actually being encoded. If editors don't have Media Encoder, they will be forced to wait while the encoding process took hours or even days, depending on the file.

A video rendering program called Adobe Media Encoder is integrated with After Effects within the Creative Cloud. You may continue working in After Effects while your compositions render in the background thanks to AME, as the hip kids call the feature that lets you delegate rendering to another program.

部分4。 结论

The best techniques to uninstall Adobe Media Encoder on Mac devices have been discussed in this post, including removing the app's primary folder from your computer. Using PowerMyMac is the most effective way to remove the aforementioned program from your macOS machine.

You may entirely uninstall apps from your Mac to make sure you enjoy using your selected applications and that you free up space on the computer. As a result, try this utility immediately!