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About iMyMac

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The Origin Of iMyMac

iMyMac means 'i Care my Mac' and aims at developing a variety of useful software for Mac users to take care of their Macs. With our powerful Mac products, you will gain more space on your Mac and get a brand-new Mac after cleaning.


What iMyMac Can Do For You

With iMyMac, you can manage your Mac easily and protect your privacy with our all-in-one tool which including Duplicate Finder, Browser Cleanup, Uninstaller, Unarchiver, and more. With just a few clicks, you can free up a lot of storage space and your Mac will run faster in good condition.

What Team Does iMyMac Have

iMyMac Team has superb technical software development engineers, innovative designers, experienced operators, as well as expert advisors with overall control. This professional team always making technological breakthroughs together and tries every effort to create products that are truly beneficial to Mac users.

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Why Choose iMyMac

800,000+ Software Downloads from 200+ Countries and Regions

Safe to Use

iMyMac software is notarized by Apple and safe to install on your Mac.

Free to Try

iMyMac offers a free trial for you to experience the functions.

Language Support

iMyMac supports 14 Languages and will support more in the future.

Widely Compatible

Support macOS 10.13 and higher, include Big Sur. (Apple M1 compatible)

Money Back

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to resolve your worries.

Support Anytime

24*7 email support when you have questions while using our product.

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