Mac Uninstaller

Installing Mac apps is pretty simple, but remove them and all the files they create isn't always so easy.  iMyMac is a very simple app, and considering what it does it ought to be. All you have to do is launch iMyMac and select the "Mac Uninstaller" module. Click on the Scan and it'll find all the software installed on your Mac. Choose the one you want to get rid of.

How to Uninstall Softwares on Mac?

You may find that uninstall a Mac application is different than removing an app on a Windows PC, and there are some stubborn Mac programs that even hard to get rid of. Thanks to iMyMac. Here provides you an easy solution. By this way, you can easily uninstall an application from your Mac. It not also helps you remove the unneeded software, but also save the precious disk space for your Mac and speed your Mac.

Mac Uninstaller

How does the Mac Uninstaller help you?

Well, you download many software from the internet but you don't use anymore. Now you want to remove them to save the disk space on your Mac. How do you remove an software? You may just drag it to the Trash.Like many people do, you’ve probably thought that dragging an application to the Trash was the correct way to remove an app?

But, You are really wrong. When you get rid of an app by dragging it to the Trash, you leave behind lots of associated files on your Mac, such as the software caches, app preferences, saved states, and more. iMyMac can helps you. You can select the Mac Uninstaller module and it removes all of these files with one click. And you can preview the files and select which you want to delete.

Key Features Mac Uninstaller

The Features of Mac Uninstaller
powerful uninstall

Powerful Uninstall

Quickly and Efficiently scan the softwares on you Mac.


Efficiently delete the Unneeded software and the associated files.


It displays the scanned results by size, time, etc. Before delete, you are allowed to choose the items to preview. All things in your control.
free to try

Free to Try

Free Mac cleaner with 500 MB. Free try to clean up your Mac. Experience the outstanding features of iMyMac.

Tips and Tricks about Mac Uninstaller

Devices & Models

iMac Pro
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro

System Requirements

Mac OS: macOS Sierra, OS X 10.13, 10.12, 10.11
CPU: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or above
RAM: 1GB system memory
Hard Disk: 2GB hard drive space

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