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Why We Need PowerUninstall

Save Your Time and Get Convenience

PowerUninstall aims to help users remove unneeded applications to make more disk space for their Mac. With this tool, you can save lots of time finding the app and its associated files one by one. It is very convenient to use PowerUninstall and you just need a few clicks to finish the complex operation of the manual app removal.


Safely and Quickly Remove Apps without Leftovers

PowerUninstall can safely remove apps and speed up your Mac in minutes. It scans all the apps and related files after obtaining authorization and shows them on the interface. You can preview and choose the apps and files you need to delete before a real deletion.


Friendly Interface and Easy to Use

PowerUninstall not only has a friendly user interface, but its operation buttons and text descriptions are also easy to understand. You just need to drag the unneeded app to the interface and click the Uninstall button, this app and all its related files will be gone quickly.

Who Will Need PowerUninstall

Who Will Need PowerUninstall

Your Mac is running out of disk space, because there are too many apps installed on your Mac.

You forget the apps you have installed on your Mac before and want to find out all the apps.

You are too busy to delete apps totally, though you know how to do that manually.

You find it difficult to uninstall apps on your Mac, since there are always residues.

What You Will Get

Save 30+

Minutes every day

Clean 10+

Gigabytes of disk space

Delay 2+

years of your Mac life

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This tool saved me! For a new user of a Mac device, it is difficult for me to find out the app that has been installed for a long time. And I can preview the app and its files before deleting them. Excited!



I am very busy with my new job. Such a convenient tool and saves my time! Unneeded apps are gone and there is more disk space for adding some new files.



To be honest, I hate finding the app one by one to delete when there is not enough space. It is time-consuming. PowerUninstall makes it easier and does the job well.

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