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PowerMyMac Duplicate Finder

Duplicate Finder can help you easily locate the duplicate files (Videos, Music, Images, Documents...) on your hard drives, so that you can accurately delete them, in order to free up the valuable disk space on your iMac/MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro.

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Free up Space on Mac

Do you know how many duplicate files you have after downloaded so many files from the Internet?

Sometimes you may make a copy of a file and forget to delete it. Duplicate files are usually wasteful and unnecessary.

It usually wastes valuable hard disk space on your Mac. Your Mac may be full of documents, iTunes, music, Photos, and Videos.

But many of them are duplicates. Erasing duplicate files will help to speed up your Mac and save disk space.

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What Duplicate Finder Can Do?

Duplicate Finder is a powerful tool designed to find and delete duplicate files on your Mac. It will scan folders and find files that have the same size, and then compare them to see if they’re identical. Because of the byte-to-byte comparison, you can get accurate results. The amazing thing is that it searches duplicate file contents regardless of filename.

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Find Duplicate Documents

It does a fast scan on your Mac, locates duplicate documents on the hard disk. Then you can delete them to free up the valuable disk space on your Mac.


Find Duplicate Media

Find and track down the music and video duplicate. Media data take a lot of places, clean up duplicate music and videos can save much space.


Find Duplicate Images

Quickly and easily find copies of the same photos in every folder of your Mac, then delete or use them accordingly to enlarge the disk space.

Key Features of Duplicate Finder

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  • powerful search

    Powerful Search Quickly and Efficiently scan and find duplicate files which have the same contents, even with the different name.

  • selectiely

    Selectively It displays the scanned results by size, time, etc. Before delete, you are allowed to choose the items to preview. All things in your control.

  • multiple file types

    Multiple File Types Duplicate finder can not only find the same pictures, but also find repeat videos, music, and even document files.

  • free to try

    Free to Try Free try to clean up your Mac with 500 MB. Experience the outstanding features of Mac Cleaner. All kinds of files can be removed.

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Helps me locate my duplicated files within seconds! What an innovative app!



Already found a duplicated file after only a first search.

Rita Navarro

-Rita Navarro

Definitely worth buying for a lighter Mac feeling.



PowerMyMac offers a great combination of useful features with a super sleek interface. You can use it to get rid of system junk, uninstall applications and clears up extra files they leave behind, quickly locate and remove duplicate and similar files.

Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner

Duplicates Finder

Duplicates Finder

App Uninstaller

App Uninstaller

Similar Image Finder

Similar Image Finder





Large & Old File

Large & Old File





System Requirements

macOS 10.13 and higher, Apple M1 compatible

Supported Device Models

All MacBook and iMac series




Starting at $9.95

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