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How to Backup Mac and Why It Is Important to Do So

It is critical to backup files as data loss is unforeseeable. Here is a detailed guide to map out an effective plan about how to backup Mac.

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How to Easily Change Default Application on Mac?

If you want to change the default applications on Mac to omit advanced features, read on this post to find the simplest ways to solve the issue.

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The Best Way to Take Notes on Mac for Class, Work, or Life

Do you know how to take notes on Mac for class, work and life? Here we provide the simplest note-taking techniques to feed into varying demands of Mac users.

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Easy Guide on How to Format An External Hard Drive for Mac

Mac users format an external hard drive before handing over to another person to erase existing data. Read on to find out helpful tips to format a hard drive.

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A Guide on How to Change iPhone Backup Location on Mac

Do you know how to change iPhone Backup Location on Mac to back up your iOS to iCloud or iTunes? This guide will walk you through tricks to achieve this.

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[2019 Collection] The Best Android Emulators for Mac

There're lots of Android emulators for Mac as a common word among gamers. This article will introduce the best Android emulators for Mac for you to choose from.

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Recommended Ways to Reduce PDF File Size on Mac Version

Do you know how to efficiently reduce a PDF file size on Mac? Here are several solutions to minimize PDF size without losing the quality of your file.


Best Ways to Password Protect Your PDF Files on Mac

This post will show you the best ways to password protect your confidential and important PDF files on Mac, so that you will have better performance.

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