Similar Image Finder

Reverse image search is the latest technology in the world of internet that has changed the approach toward the pursuit of similar images. iMyMac Similar Image Finder helps you to scan the similar images on your Mac. You can search by image and clean the similar images.

What is Similar Image Finder?

Nowadays we take photos every day. We put these pictures on our Mac. Some are copied from iPhone and some are download from the internet.

Sometimes we may make so many photos that are similar. But we only need one of them. So the others become the waste of the precious disk space on Mac.

It is also waste our time to select the best photos from these similar images.

You May hear Reverse image search which finds similar images or to find an image source on internet.

How to find the best image quickly? All you need is the Similar Image Finder. You can easily find & locate the similar images like google image search

Similar Image Finder

What Similar Image Finder Can Do

Similar Image Finder is a powerful tool designed to find and delete silimar Images on your Mac. It will scan folders and find out the images that are similar. You can preview the images and choose to clean.

A lot of people want to search for similar images around the world. Similar Image Finder is the tool that makes it super easy and quick to find similar images on your Mac.

Key Features Similar Image Finder

The Features of Similar Image Finder
powerful search

Powerful Search

Quickly and Efficiently scan and find similar images.


Efficiently scan the images on your Mac.


It displays the scanned results by size, time, etc. Before delete, you are allowed to choose the items to preview. All things in your control.
free to try

Free to Try

Free Mac cleaner with 500 MB. Free try to clean up your Mac. Experience the outstanding features of Mac Cleaner. All kinds of files can be removed.

Tips and Tricks about Similar Image Search

Devices & Models

iMac Pro
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro

System Requirements

Mac OS: macOS Sierra, OS X 10.13, 10.12, 10.11
CPU: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or above
RAM: 1GB system memory
Hard Disk: 2GB hard drive space

File Types

Diplicate Files
Duplicate Photos
Duplicate Videos
Duplicate Documents

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