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Free & Online Photo Compressor

Online images optimizer tool to reduce PNG, JPEG, Gif, SVG file size for free.
Up to 40 images & Max 5 MB each


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Detailed Steps to Compress Images

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Step 1

Select and upload 1-40 image files from your device or simply drag the files to the target box.

Step 2

Wait for the compressing process to finish and download all the compressed images to your device.

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Why Do You Need iMyMac Online Photo Compressor?

Sometimes, our commonly used image formats like JPG and PNG are large and take up a huge amount of space on our devices. Then you need to load and display these large images with much memory which will lead to your devices slow down.

The same is true for web pages that use a lot of images, which can cause a poor user experience due to the slow-to-load issue. So you need iMyMac Online Photo Compressor to reduce these large images size for faster loading speed and gaining more space back to your devices.

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What Image Types Are Supported by iMyMac Online Photo Compressor?

iMyMac Online Photo Compressor supports several popular image file types such as PNG, JPEG, Gif, SVG, etc. You can upload up to 40 images at one time for compression, and each image does not exceed 5M. Feel free to enjoy this total-free service and we'll try our best to offer more useful services for our users.

Useful Tips

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