iMyMac Cookies Policy

This policy aims to provide users with all the detailed information about cookies we use on our site, software, and services.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to better understand what services are valuable to our customers by keeping track of some types of information when everyone uses the site, software, or services. So we can deliver pages and services tailed to you and your preferences to provide the best experience.

Cookies enable us to know when you navigate from page to page within the site. It also allows us to count the number of daily visitors to our websites and other statistical information. We place cookies in your browser. If you decide not to activate cookies or reject all cookies in your browsers, you can still visit our site but may not enjoy all of our services.

Type of Cookies We Use

Essential cookies:

Essential cookies or strictly necessary cookies help enable our sites to function correctly. Some services can not function without essential cookies. For instance, it helps us to identify your account and page navigation.

Functionality cookies:

These cookies allow us to remember the preferences you customized while you are visiting sites or using our software such as your preferred language and the region you are in.

Analytics cookies:

Analytics cookies let us know your visits and usage of the site, software, and services we provided. We rely on these cookies to learn our performances and how users react to our new features, ads, pages, and so on.

Advertising cookies:

Advertising cookies or targeted cookies are delivered to display targeted ads to users who may be interested in our sites or other websites based on user behaviors.

Social media cookies:

These cookies are used to connect our websites to third-party social media platforms. It may remember your IP address and other details. Social media cookies are often set through plugins, sharing buttons, etc.

Changes to the Cookie Policy

This policy is for your general information. The policy may contain inaccuracies or errors and we will also update it to harmonize with our sites, software, and services. We shall not be responsible or liable for any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions contained herein.

Cookie Policy Update

If we change this cookie policy or update it, we will notify you or we inspire you to review this page for the latest version too. At the same time, if you accept the cookies on our site, software, and services, it means that you accept all the contents of this policy by default. You can also alert your cookie settings to reject the cookies. If you have any questions about cookies on our websites, feel free to contact us by emailing:

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