Frequently Asked Questions

Mac Cleaner FAQs

When I downloaded the program my antivirus program detected a virus in the download, is your program safe to download?

Yes, our program has been checked by Apple for virus-free and is 100% secure. And it's notarized by Apple, specific details can be found at You can temporarily turn off the anti-virus software for installation.

How to preview the files after scanning?

When Mac Cleaner finishes scanning, you can check the results one by one, which are listed with name, created time, size, etc. If you tend to preview them or locate the files, click the magnifier icon next to the items to open the saving folder and view.

How can I know the files are deleted since it has no signal about "Cleaning is Completed"?

If you have removed all things in certain category successfully, you will see that file owns "Zero KB" and the "Clean" button cannot be clicked.

Can I use the program on two Macs with one registration code?

Yes, if you are using a registration code of Family License. iMyMac Mac Cleaner is offered in three versions to fit different needs. Lifetime Family License - A registration code of a family license can be registered in 2 to 5 Macs. Lifetime Single License - The registration code of a single license can be only used on one Mac. Once the code has been registered in a Mac, it cannot be used in another Mac. One-year License - The registration code of a one-year license can also be used for only one Mac. The code is invalid if trying to register on another Mac. If you have two or more Macs that need Mac Cleaner, Family License is a more reasonable option for you.

What's the difference between trial version and registered version?

All functions of trial version and registered version are the same. But the trial version has some limitations. For example, the unregistered iMyMac Mac Cleaner can scan your device and clean 500M junk files on your device. If you are a registered user, it can assist you to clean junk files without any limitation and you will be entitled to get a free upgrade for the lifetime and full technical support from us.

What's Helper Tool and Why should I install it?

Usually, applications can't access some important system files and user data for system's restrictions on apps.The Helper Tool is used to get permission from system, then Mac Cleaner can remove some system caches or junks. You can go to Mac Cleaner > Extensions > Proxy to disable this helper tool if you don't want it on your Mac.