File Shredder

File shredder is a software that permanently removes or tears out files from your Mac, so you don't worry about someone can recover later. It has been developed as a safe, reliable and fast tool to smash confidential documents.

Definitive Guide to Use File Shredder on Mac

Step 1: Download, Launch iMyMac-PowerMyMac and Choose File Shredder Option

At first, you should download iMyMac-PowerMyMac on your mac, and then run the program.

You will see many options in the module "ToolKit", and you can select "FileManager" to crush your files.

File Manager

Step 2: Choose File to Destroy

After you enter the home page of "FileManager", choose "Crush File" and you can go to the "File Shredder" site.

Later, drag your unneeded file to the left side to shred it.

File Manager Shred Delete Alert

Step 3: Permanently Shred Private Files

When you have selected the files, you can hit "Crush" button to permanently remove your file from your Mac.

In this step, you will be required to confirm this process. If you have considered shredding your file, you should click "Confirm".

When the process completes, your file will can't be recovered.

File Manager Shred Success Alert