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File Shredder

Permanently removes or tears out files from your Mac.

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User Reviews

Perfect app

This is the tool that I’m searching for. Thankyou iMyMac for such a wonderful app.

Guy Blackstock March 11, 2019


The app comes with an affordable price and nice software, so far so good.

Bill Youngberg February 19, 2019

So Convenient and Fast

Just a simple click and it help me shred my files.

Luther March 1, 2019

Shred Fast

It shredded the junk files faster than the one I used. Like it!

Juanita February 26, 2019

Smash Completely

Cool! I dragged some unused files to the finder, and it smashed them completely.

Joyce Farmer February 11, 2019

Can Shred Multiple Files Simultaneouly

The app allows for shredding different files at the same time. But no idea about the permanent removal. Daily cleaning is enough. Recommended.

Vicki February 20, 2019

Completely Remove

It completely removed the file that I don’t want. Leave no trace in the trash can.

Rutherford January 31, 2019

Permanent Deletion

I have been looking for an unrecoverable method for my unneeded files. This tool, honestly speaking, made it come true.

Angelica Murphy January 31, 2019

Drag A File to Shred

It is no need to find out the files by clicking corresponding folders in Finder. Just drag a file and press the button.

William Humphreys January 12, 2019

Crush Mac Files

It indeed worked in crushing files on my Mac although the File Shredder tool is not obvious to be found from the home page.

Roland Wright December 27, 2018

Quick shred file

Unlike other file shredder, the File Shredder by iMyMac version is easy to use. It shred files in just a few clicks.

banna June 4, 2018

Best File Shredder

iMyMac-Cleaner File Shredder is the best file shredder I've ever used. It is suitable for most systems and hard drives.

Conia June 2, 2018

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