Similar Image Finder

Reverse image search is the latest technology in the world of the internet that has changed the approach toward the pursuit of similar images. PowerMyMac - Similar Image Finder helps you to scan the similar images on your Mac. You can search by image and clean the similar images.

Definitive Guide to Find Similar Images on Mac

Step 1: Download and Launch iMyMac-PowerMyMac on Your Mac

Download iMyMac-PowerMyMac and launch it. Check the system status and then choose the tool "Similar Photo" in the module "Cleaner".


Step 2: Scan Photos on Mac

You can find the "Scan" button on the main screen. Then click on it. The program will scan your similar images on your Mac immediately.

The software will show you the process. It just needs several minutes.

Similar Scan Done

Step 3: Clean The Similar Images to Save Space

After the scanning is finished, you can see the scan results on the main screen. After pressing the "View" button, the software will show you the size of the image and how many similar images with this photo.

You can preview them and then select the pictures that you want to clean. Click on the "Clean" button and confirm the operation.

Similar Delete


As an all-in-one solution to Mac computers' many existing problems. The PowerMyMac encompasses many neat features that are essential in optimizing and cleaning your Mac.

System Requirements:

macOS 10.10 and higher

Supported Device Models:

All MacBook and iMac series




Starting at $19.95

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