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File shredder is software that permanently removes or tears out files from your Mac, so you don't worry about someone who can recover later. It has been developed as a safe, reliable and fast tool to smash confidential documents.

This is Exactly What a File Shredder Does?

How to Protect the Security of Your Data

File Shredder offers solutions to help you Protect personal data by protecting the deleted information from recovery by hackers because it can Secure and permanently delete files or folders, permanently tear files or folders in different situations.

How Does File Shredder Work?

If you are a technical person, you may understand that we throw the file to the trash, and the deleted file can be repaired by professional repair software. This may cause important data to be leaked.

File Shredder can technically shred all files and make sure the file is no longer recoverable to protect our data. Let us see how it works.

allow choose file to shred

Allow Choose File to Shred

File Shredder supports only a few clicks to choose the file that you want to shred.

shred multiple files

Shred Multiple Files

File Shredder supports you to select multiple files to shred at the same time.

overwrite deleted files

Overwrite Deleted Files

File Shredder uses data overlay technology to permanently tear files.

Key Benefits of File Shredder



iMac Pro


MacBook Air

MacBook Pro


Mac OS: macOS Sierra, OS X 10.13, 10.12, 10.11

CPU: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or above

RAM: 1GB system memory

Hard Disk: 2GB hard drive space


Shred File

Shred Folder

Shred Photos

Shred Junk Data

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We Promise

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Only Delete 100% safe-to-delete Files

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Check Data in Detail Before Removed

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As an all-in-one solution to Mac computers' many existing problems. The PowerMyMac encompasses many neat features that are essential in optimizing and cleaning your Mac.

System Requirements:

macOS 10.11 and higher

Supported Device Models:

All MacBook and iMac series




Starting at $9.95

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