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How to Find Similar Images on Your Mac?

By Marice | Lasted Updated 2018-10-24 09:39:10
I’m a photographer by heart and I take lots of pictures on my camera. I love my job and it is my passion. I save and edit my photos using my MacBook and I love every part of the process. The thing is, my MacBook has a finite amount of space and I know that similar images are taking up too much space in it. How do I find these similar images and remove them from my MacBook?
Here I'm going to introduce how to find more similar images on your MacBook and also how to delete similar images.

Part 1: Introduction

Photos and images have become an important part of our everyday lives. They can be used for a lot of purposes. First, they can be used to relive memories and capture important moments.

Plus, they can be used for businesses and for work. For example, images can be used to portray a specific product or to make a website livelier.
Images, themselves, do not take up much space. But, if their number goes out of hand, they can take a considerable amount of space on your device.

This is the problem for most Mac users who love or need to save a lot of images on their device. Similar images are images almost identical to each other and some of these images are unnecessary because they are just duplicates of the other.
Fortunately, you are in this article. We will teach you first how to search and locate similar images on the Internet. Then, we will show you how to look for image duplicates within your Mac device and actually remove them.

When you find these duplicate images, you will be able to free up more space on your device and make it perform faster.

Part 2: Locating Similar Images Using The Internet

Do you need to find similar images? What you can do is to utilize similar image finders on the Internet. Some tools you can use are Yandex Image and Google Image.

These two sites can instantly find similar images that have been uploaded on the Internet. Here’s how to use the two tools to help you with your quest.

Method 1: Locating Similar Images With The Use Of Google Image

Step 01 - Open your browser. 

Step 02 - Open Google Images.

Step 03 - Click the icon named as Search By Image. This icon looks like a camera. 

Step 04 - A pop-up window will appear. Switch to the feature Upload an image.

Step 05 - Select Choose File. 

Step 06 - Open a photo from your device. Then, Google will start locating for images similar to the one you have selected. 


Method 2: Locating Similar Images With The Use Of Yandex

Step 01 - Open your browser.

Step 02 - Visit Yandex Images page.

Step 03 - Click the Image Search icon. This will look like a camera.

Step 04 - On the left-hand side, select “Select A File.”

Step 05 - Navigate to the folder where the image is located.

Step 06 - Select your image. Yandex will start locating images similar to the one you have selected.


Part 3: Finding And Deleting Similar Images Located Within Your Mac Device

iMyMac is a very powerful tool that contains mini tools such as Mac Cleaner, Mac Uninstaller, Similar Image Finder, and File Shredder.

We will be using the mini tool Similar Image Finder to help you find similar images inside your Mac device and remove unnecessary ones.
The Similar Image Finder of iMyMac has the following features as well as advantages:

01 - It helps you save time by performing a comprehensive scan of your entire device. This comprehensive scan looks for images that are similar to each other. In this way, you don’t have to manually do it yourself. You save yourself both time and effort.

02 - It is very powerful and efficient. Its built-in scanning feature will not leave any similar image on your Mac device.

03 - It has a selective feature. It will display all of the similar images in one powerful interface. Plus, you can display these results by a variety of categories such as size, type, and date, among others.

04 - It is compatible with a variety of iOS devices and Mac devices.

05 - A free trial is given for the first 500 megabytes of data. In this way, you don’t have to pay out money before actually trying the product. You can enjoy the benefits of this tool first before purchasing it.

06 - It gives you various options for support including email support. Plus, you are given one-on-one support to help you learn more about the tool.

07 - It helps you free more space on your Mac device thus helping it to perform faster since unnecessary clutter is removed from the device.

Here’s how to use the Similar Image Finder for you to find similar images on your device and delete unnecessary ones:

Step 1: Download and Launch iMyMac-Cleaner on Your Mac

Download the iMyMac Cleaner tool from the official website of the brand.

Launch the software within your Mac device. It will show you the system status of your device on the main interface of the application.

Similar Image Finder

Step 2: Click The Scan Button

Go to the left-hand side of the interface.

Choose the option Similar Image Finder

On the main screen, you will be able to see a Scan button. Click the said button. After which, the program will start to scan your entire device for similar images. Wait for the entire process of scanning to be complete. 

Scanning Mac for Similar Images

Step 3: Clean The Similar Images to Save Space

After the scanning is finished, you can see the scan results on the main screen. The software will show you the size of the image and how many similar images with this photo.

Check out the displayed results on the interface of the application. It will show you various similar images including its size. It will also show you how many images are similar to a specific photo.

Preview the displayed results.

Select images you want to delete. Most likely, these will be unnecessary images that are duplicates of the other ones.

Press the Clean button.

Confirm the said operation.

Clean Similar Images

Part 4: Conclusion

Having a lot of photos can be very important. But having too much can actually slow down your computer cause it can take up too much space.

That’s why you need to find similar images that are duplicates of the best photo or version that you have. You can do this by using iMyMac’s Similar Image Finder. The tool is very powerful and it can save you a lot of time and effort.

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