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latest articles
How to Trim a Video on Mac? 3 Video Trimmers to Help You

For those who are looking for a way to trim a video on Mac, we know just what the right tools you are looking for. Read this post to learn more.

latest articles
How To Add Watermark To Video Files To Protect Them

Want to make sure no one grabs your video? Here’s how to add watermark to video files easily and quickly. Our steps are very simple, so check it out now!

latest articles
Top Video Lighting Editors to Make Your Videos Brighter

Are you searching for the best video lighting editor? Well, look no further. We’ve got one of the top picks you can find right now. Check out this article.

latest articles
Add Subtitles To MP4 with Permanent, Free and Online Ways

How to add subtitles to MP4 video files? Well, that’s easy! This guide will teach you the right way to do the job and make sure your videos have subtitles.

latest articles
How To Change The Aspect Ratio Of A Video: What Must Know

In order to how to change the aspect ratio of a video using different software apps, there are correct procedures that you must follow. We’ll share those here.

latest articles
How to Easily Trim Video in VLC on Mac/Windows

VLC is a powerful program, and it’s capable of things besides playing videos, and that includes trimming videos. Find out how you can trim video VLC with this guide.

latest articles
How to Rotate A Video 90 Degrees in VLC on Mac/Windows

Do you know that you can use VLC for tasks like rotating other than playing videos? Check out how to use the VLC rotate video function through this guide.

latest articles
Rotate MOV File 90 Degrees on Mac/Windows

Rotating an image is easier than rotating videos. Find out how you can rotate the MOV file on Mac/Windows just like you would an image with this guide.

latest articles
How to Crop a Video on Mac: Beginner’s Guide in 2022

Cropping videos or resizing them is harder than other tasks especially since there is less software with this function. Find out how to crop a video on Mac here.

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