Sifting through mass files manually to detect duplicates on your Mac can rack your brains. When your Mac is cluttered, getting rid of duplicates frees up acres of storage space. A decluttered Mac means improved memory and better performance. A dedicated and best duplicate files cleaner for Mac helps erase clone photos, documents, videos, email attachments, and spreadsheets.

A third-party tool makes it easy to erase unnecessary files and integrates extra features to help organize your items. Best-in-class duplicate files cleaner for Mac render a speedy and accurate scan for hundreds of files to make your Mac experience better.

Duplicate Files Cleaner For Mac

This article dissects the best-in-category duplicate cleaner for mac to spruce up your computer. It helps optimize performance and free up storage space.

Article GuidePart 1: Dedicated Duplicate Finder vs. Manual Scouring for Multiple FilesPart 2: What Duplicate Finder Can Do & How it WorksPart 3: PROs & CONs of Duplicate FinderPart 4: Final Thoughts

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Part 1. Dedicated Duplicate Finder vs. Manual Scouring for Multiple Files

Manually Hunting Down for Duplicates with Finder

You can detect duplicate files on Mac with the Smart Folders technology in Finder.

It involves launching the app, then go to File>New Smart Folder and hold down the ‘+’ button. Now you can narrow down documents, pictures, videos, and other file types. It all boils down to how you distinguish the results. Entering their names should throw up noticeable duplicates.

While it sounds easy, it could be the devil of a job. The efforts needed to plow through a mountain of files and potential errors of a hit-or-miss process have forced users to acquire software.

Why is Duplicate Finder Software Important?

Eliminate Redundancy

Duplicate files end up as junk eating up precious gigabytes on your Mac. iMyMac PowerMyMac's Duplicate Finder scans every corner of your Mac to comb out redundant files and save generous disk room. With duplicates of documents, photos, videos, iTunes and spreadsheet, your computer has to carve extra slots for memory retrieval. Cleaning replicate files creates more room for other pieces of data.

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Organizes Data

Deleting replicas gives you a spick-and-span data drawer on your system. It also allows you to monitor files at one location without having data strewn all over.

Micro-Precision Scanning

Duplicate Finder integrates powerful algorithms to pinpoint and erase imitations on your Mac. It will screen folders to locate files with the same size, and then contrast them to identify similarities. With the byte-to-byte analysis, duplications cannot throw the tool off the scent. Best of all, it hunts down replicas regardless of the file name.

Intuitive Operation

Duplicate Finder integrates state-of-the-art technology that makes duplicates’ cleanup a breeze. It scans and eliminates duplications automatically with the option to scrutinize results before removal. Get your Free Trial with 500MB and de-clutter your computer.

PowerMyMac Duplicate Finder

Part 2. What Duplicate Finder Can Do & How it Works

Duplicate Finder offers a powerful tool to zero in duplicates and removes them on the go. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can tidy up your Mac in a jiffy. It also boasts advanced crawling methods and algorithms to accomplish the task with lightning speed.

Trace Duplicate Documents

The clutter of document imitations such as Word, spreadsheets, Google Doc, and scripts derail performance. A pile of these documents can be substantial in size leaving little free disk space. Duplicate Finder boasts fast scanning algorithms to remove focus-draining documents and cut down the clutter.

Find Duplicate Media

Duplicate Finder is a versatile tool developed to scour media files and detect imitations. It supports all types of file formats such as MP4, FLV, MP3 and MPEG-4. Media files gobble up more gigabytes making it important to remove any duplicates.

Find Image Duplications

With this Duplicate Finder, you will be able to detect replicated photos, screenshots, and portraits with similar image content. It’s a nifty tool to manage your photo collection to save space on your Mac. It offers streamlined photo management with preview option to preserve your treasure troves of pictures.

Duplicate Files

Key Features of The Duplicate Finder

Powerful Tool

Duplicate Finder offers a powerful algorithm to help tidy up duplications overload. It’s purpose-built to render fine detail, smooth processing and removal. This is the easiest and most efficient software that scans the bowels of your Mac to eliminate remnants of duplicates.

Multiple File Types

With Duplicate Finder, you can purge all file formats, sizes, and types in a straightforward process. It compares the file aspects like random parts of content to categorize and remove duplicates. Now you can eliminate identical documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, pictures, and other file types. It detects all duplicate file formats with scalpel-like precision.

Selective Filters

The app displays search results by size, date modified, type and more for selective processing. It lets you preview items before you erase keeping you in full control. You may want to customize the screening process and impart results into your workflow.


Duplicate Finder is a top-of-the-range tool. It was coded by industry experts with loads of Mac experience under the belt. It has been tested with attention to detail to slough off every possible imitation from your Mac. It works like stink to brush away all the shadow copies of your Mac within the blink of an eye.

Simple to Use

Just launch it, click on scan and take a glance at the results. Preview the files and select the delinquent dupes. It flushes out all highlighted duplicates with a click to retrieve space.

Clean Duplicate Files

Part 3. PROs & CONs of Duplicate Finder


  • State-of-the-art technology and fast scanning algorithm
  • Quick and selective cleanup
  • Versatile and customizable operations
  • Intuitive interface
  • Accurate identification of duplicates


  • You have to buy after your Free Trial expires but it’s fairly cheap

Part 4. Final Thoughts

In all, PowerMyMac's Duplicate Finder packs quite a punch to blow all the copies out of the water. It homes in identical file types to free up storage space for digital minimalism and promote peak performance. It’s a nippy tool to filter your system and recognize copies to keep your digital records in apple-pie order. You can reclaim chunks of hard disk space by removing all imitations in one go. Duplicate Finder comes with an intuitive interface to ensure you delete files in a jiffy. It features cutting edge technologies and algorithms which makes the job easier than ever.

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