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Chloe Turner

As a software writer, I strictly require myself to carefully test every function of the software, and provide solutions to every problem that Mac users may encounter when using the product. One of my writing techniques is sounding more casual and interactive while maintaining an informative content to readers. I usually add some helpful tips as well and good-to-know facts for additional knowledge.

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Where Are Photos Stored on Mac - Quickly Locate!

If you have plenty of photos saved on your Mac, how would you find out one particular quickly? Here will tell you the locations where your photos are saved on Mac.

Last updated: January 6, 2020

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How to Uninstall Gamezook on Mac Completely

Gamezook uninstalls on Mac along with its vestiges to a clean slate with dedicated software in a simple click. Learn how Gamezook uninstalls work in this post.

Last updated: December 21, 2019

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Mac Tips
How to Steer Clear of Other Volumes in Container on Mac?

Do you know what 'other volumes in container' means? This article will talk about other volumes in containers, APFS partition, and how to manage your file system.

Last updated: December 28, 2019

My Tech Hut
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[Fix Error] Your Bootable USB Drive Could not be Created

There is not enough space available on this disk or your Bootable USB drive could not be created? Find fast and easy ways in this post to fix the issue...

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[Fixed] We Couldn't Make Your iCloud Music Library Available

Why iCloud music library becomes unresponsive or times out? How to solve "we couldn't make your iCloud music library available"? Let's find the solutions here...

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[Fixed] Unable to Verify Account Name or Password

Users may stumble upon the "unable to verify account name or password" issue on Mac. This article will provide solutions for Mac owners solving the puzzle...

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Proven Tricks on How to Fix Fortnite Lag on Mac

Learn proven tricks to fix Fortnite lag on Mac here. You can invoke Boot Camp, use full-screen mode, configure all settings to low or close background process...

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