So, how to update Python on Mac? Easy! We’ve got you covered. Python has always been a prominent language of programming that has always been utilized by both new as well as experienced programmers. Recent Mac editions include Python 2.7; nevertheless, several more Python subscribers might have to update Python within Mac towards something such as a revamped model, such as Python 3.8 or even above.

This post would go through two alternative methods for fast as well as simply installing Python 3 on such a Mac in order to acquire a fully updated Python 3 configuration. Python updates with your Mac as well as iMac might be time-consuming. You must be familiar with Mac terminals that also differ from Windows cmd.exe. Below is a thorough guide on how to update Python on Mac.

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Part 1. How to Update Python on Mac

On some kind of MacBook Air and otherwise Mac, Python may be installed rather than using the interface. You must first obtain the Python installation again from the webpage. Complete the instructions outlined beneath:

How to Update Python on Mac

  1. You must first to do was, go into the main official webpage, and after that, you must download the recent version of the Python 3 files installer.
  2. And from there you must now, launch the one you have download file, then after which install on the Python 3 into your Mac.
  3. After successfully finishing the installation procedure, the Python 3 that you obtain will now be installed.
  4. Now, you could view on the folder of the Python 3 the /Application that is most likely there in your Mac. You may either view the IDLE into the /Application.

Part 2. How to Install Updated Python on Mac

Above we have discussed how to update Python on Mac. There is indeed an easier method on how to install updated Python by solely make use of the Python Package Installer. Follow the steps below:

  1. You must first to do was, go into the main official webpage, and after that, you must download the recent version of the Python packages installer.
  2. Now, you must launch on the Python packages installer, after that install the updated Python onto your Mac.

Install Updated Python on Mac

Python 3.8 takes up around 100megabytes of hard drive space after install. Python 3 will be implemented in hardware Python 2 mostly on Mac in such a matter of minutes.

Whenever Python 3 has been installed, Python3 files would be created throughout your Mac's /Applications path. Inside this /Applications/MacPython3/ folder, you'll additionally discover IDLE, another modest IDE that provides the identical Python IDE that running ‘python3' somewhere at the command window within Mac.

Python 3 may also be installed on a Mac via Homebrew, which again has always been the preferred way for just Homebrew users.

How to Install Updated Python using Homebrew

Instead of knowing how to update Python on Mac, if it is the first time you install Python, then it easily for you to actually start on Homebrew installations. You could install Homebrew provided you do not even already use something of your computer system. One such program downloads Homebrew into/user/local, eliminating the requirement for “sudo” whenever running brew installation. Perform the instructions below before simply install Python using HomeBrew:

  1. Operate this command “brew install python3” into the Terminal.
  2. Next, from there whenever the Python 3 has been fully installed into your Mac device, then after you could now begin into the software as well: python3

How to Know You Have Installed the Updated Version of Python

  • Mostly by entering terminal into Spotlight Search, you may launch the Console upon your Mac. After which implement the proposed control: python —version
  • Python 2.7 is almost always installed upon macOS. Once obtaining Python update, use the accompanying command to verify the model: python 3 —version

Simply a notice that you shouldn't need to uninstall Python 2 and otherwise upgrade it all from version 2 to version 3 within mac. You merely acquire the latest version, and now both Python versions could cohabit without issue.


This article has tackle how to update Python on Mac. From there, we have also presented a great guide on how to install update python on mac with the help of Homebrew and also we added on how you could know that you have really installed on the updated version of the python. We hope that this would help you in your updating concerns on python.

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