JPG and PNG are two of the most commonly used file formats for images on the Internet. But most people prefer JPG over PNG. That’s why you may want to know how to convert PNG to JPG on the computers including Macs.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to convert PNG to JPG using your Mac directly. We’ll also tell you how to convert batches of images using the said computer operating system. You won’t need any third-party applications just to get it done. You only need Mac’s built-in tools such as Preview and Automator. Let’s get started.

Article GuideJPG vs. PNG: The Difference between Two Image FormatsHow to Convert PNG to JPG on Mac Using Preview?How to Batch Convert PNG to JPG on Your Mac Using Preview?How to Batch Convert PNG To JPG on Mac Using AutomatorIn Conclusion

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JPG vs. PNG: The Difference between Two Image Formats

JPEGs are actually the most used image extension so far. It is used by about 73.5% of websites. PNG comes in at 2nd place with a total of 72%. The differences between the two can be seen below:


JPEG actually means Joint Photographic Experts Group and its file extension is known as .JPG. It is used for lossy compression with ratios from 10:1 to that of 20:1. With JPG, modification of the compression ratio is possible. This means you can have a balance between quality and file size.

JPEG is a common file format for those who use image sharing devices and digital and digital cameras. Although JPEG is an excellent choice for photographs and color, you should remember that due to compression, quality is slightly lost. Plus, editing and then saving it again leads to loss in quality. The degradation in quality is negligible but might be important for professionals out there.


This is known as Portable Network Graphic and its file extension is .PNG. This type of image file format uses lossless compression and was created as a replacement for the GIFs. The advantage of working with PNG is its ability to use opacity or transparency. JPEGs, on the other hand, use a white background.

PNG also supports color palettes and comes in both RGB (24-bit) and RGBA (32-bit) colors. With PNG, you can also use grayscale images. PNGs are great for images that are non-complex. An example would be illustrations. JPEGs, on the other hand, are great for larger-sized photographs.

Jpg To Png

How to Convert PNG to JPG on Mac Using Preview?

With Mac OS X, it is very easy to convert PNG to JPG, and vice versa. You simply use the Preview tool which is built into the Mac computer. Preview is one of the best choices out there as you don’t need to download third-party applications. It doesn’t matter which macOS you are using, all versions have the Preview tool into it. Let’s get started on how to convert PNG to JPG on your Mac using Preview:

Step 01: Launch the PNG file using the Preview application. You can do this by dragging the file towards the Preview icon. Or, you can simply double-click the file.

Step 02: Go to the File menu. Select Duplicate (usually found in modern Mac OS versions). In older Mac OS versions, this part is unnecessary. Thus, if you have an old Mac OS version, the Duplicate option wouldn’t be there. You should skip to the part where it says Save As or Export.

Step 03: Now, the duplicate of the original file will launch in Preview. Press the File menu one more time. Visit Export. Or, if it says “Save As,” choose that option.

Step 04: Choose JPG under the drop-down menu labeled Format. Finally, press Save. This will convert the PNG file to a JPG file.

The new JPG file will be placed on the location you picked on Finder. If you wish to remove the original PNG file, you can do so. However, if you want to have both PNG and JPEG files, you can keep them both. Typically, with Preview, you can convert different image formats into other image file types. You can simply choose it in the Format drop-down menu. Overall, the best way to convert images from one format to another using your Mac is through Preview.

How to Batch Convert PNG to JPG on Your Mac Using Preview?

There are various methods you can implement in order to convert PNG to JPG on your Mac. For instance, you can use the Terminal. Or, you can use Automator (more on this later). Or, you can simply open each image into Preview and convert them one by one. The last method would be very tedious.

Fortunately, there is a quick way to convert multiple images simultaneously. It’s very simple and all you have to do is use Preview. Although before you start, you have to ensure that Preview’s preferences are set up in a way that it opens files within one window. In this way, they can be converted simultaneously. Here’s how to batch convert PNG to JPG on your Mac using Preview:
Convert Png To Jpg

Step 01: Launch Preview. This can be found within the Applications folder. After that, select Preferences located within the Preview menu (found at the upper-left).

Step 02: Once the Preferences window appears press the Images tab. Now, go to the “When Opening Files” label. You have three options here, “Open All Files In One Window,” Open Groups of Files In The Same Window,” and “Open Each File In Its Own Window.” In this method, you should choose “Open Groups Of Files In The Same Window.”

Important Note: When you choose “Open Groups Of Files In The Same Window,” all files you select simultaneously will be opened together in one window. If you choose “Open All Files In One Window,” all files you open will be launched in the same window even though you open them one by one.

Step 03: Now, go to the location of the images you wish to convert. Or, if you have images located in multiple locations, you can move them to one single location only for batch conversion purposes. Then select all the images you want to convert by press Command and then clicking each item. Now, double click one of the files you have selected to open them within Preview.

Step 04: If all of your files are now open within Preview, press any thumbnail you see within the sidebar. Then press the keys Command + A. Or, you can also select Edit and then press Select All. In this way, you can select all the images you have opened to convert them in the next steps.

Step 05: Now, click File and then press Export Selected Images. The dialog box for opening or saving files will appear. A format drop-down menu should be available. If it is, click it and select PNG. If it is not, click Options instead and then choose a file format you wish your file to be saved to (in this case, PNG).

Step 06: Select a desired location folder for saving the files to. Finally, press Choose.

Now, you have converted a batch of image files from the original file format to the desired image file type. Next, we’ll move on to converting PNG to JPG on Mac using the Automator. Read on…

How to Batch Convert PNG To JPG on Mac Using Automator

The Automator application will become a friendly tool once you know how to use it. It allows you to work on batches of image files and do exactly what you want with them. For instance, you can resize images in a batch using the Automator. You can also create thumbnails for batches of images. The third thing you can do with this tool is to convert batches of images from one file type to another.
Mac Using Automator

In this section, we will convert batches of PNG files into the JPEG format easily using Automator. You can do this by simply following the steps below:

Step 01: Starting the Automator on your Mac computer.

In the first step for the process of converting batches of PNG files to JPEG, you should launch the Automator app. To do this, you should go to the Dock and then press the Applications icon. Then, press the Automator icon which appears like that of a robot. Once the Automator launches, it will show a startup dialog. Press the icon for Workflow. Then another Automator window will appear.

Step 02: Drag the images towards your Automator.

In Step 02 of your batch image converting process in Mac, you should heed the following, before you proceed with the conversion, you should make a backup file of the original images. In case things go wrong, the original files will still remain.

Now, create a backup of your files by simply copying all the images and pasting them to another folder. Double check to make sure you have a copy of each original image. After you have created backups, launch a Finder window in Mac.

And then, choose the PNG image files you wish to convert to JPG. Finally, drag these images towards the Automator window (on the right side). Now, your Automator window will display another box within the interface.

Step 03: Locate the action labeled “Change Type of Images” within Mac’s Automator tool.

Press the search box located on the left of the Automator window. Type the word “Convert” into it. This will filter out various actions within Automator. We want to find the action labeled “Change Type Of Images.” This is the action we need to batch convert your images from PNG to JPG.

Once it appears, look out for the “Change Type Of Images” action and select it. Drag it towards the gray area found at the Automator window’s right side. This gray is located just under the list of image files you dragged earlier. Or, you can simply double-click the said action to make it easier.

The Automator will now ask if you actually want to add a “Copy” activity to that of your workflow. If you choose this option, a backup of all your image files will be created. However, since we’ve already done that before, this step is not necessary. If you prefer to do this step, then you should do so. But, if you don’t want to add the Copy task, then simply press the button labeled “Don’t Add.”

Once you have dragged the action for “Change Type Of Images,” your Automator will have another window beneath the list of image files you wish to convert. In the panel labeled “Change Type Of Images,” specify JPEG as the type of file you wish to create.

We’re converting your PNG files to JPG files that’s why you should choose JPEG. If you wish to convert to another format, you can choose TIFF and BMP, among others. The Automator tool will help you convert different image file formats into one that you prefer.

Step 04: Run the process within Automator in order to convert images from PNG to JPG.

Png To Jpg
This is the last step of the entire process. You simply press Run located within the upper-right part of the interface. The Automator will now start the batch image conversion process. The original file format, PNG, will now be converted to the new one, JPG.

While the Automator is doing its job, you can see another window in the bottom-left side of the screen. This window is called Log. In this log, you’ll be able to see what the Automator is actually working on. In this way, you’ll know if the batch image conversion process from PNG to JPG is complete. Now, that you’ve finished converting your image files, you’re ready to use them for your website or even graphic design work.

In Conclusion

Now, you’ve learned how to convert PNG to JPG using your Mac computer. It’s actually very easy and you don’t need to purchase any tools to do it. In this guide, we’ve told you the differences between JPEG and PNG Files. In this way, you can choose which one is best for what you’d use the image. Also, we’ve taught you how to convert PNG to JPG one by one using Preview. We also told you how to convert batches of PNG images to JPG using both Preview and Automator tools. Hopefully, we’ve helped you convert your image files without the use of third-party applications. Happy Converting!