Macs are wonderful machines when you don’t have any problems with them that is. Even a brand new Mac will eventually slow down after use, it can’t stay new forever. There are a lot of reasons why your Mac is slowing down, but it is good to know that there are still methods on how to make your Mac run faster. Continue reading to learn more methods on how to speed up your Mac.


Article GuidePart 1. The Easiest Method to Make Your Mac Run FasterPart 2. Eight Probable Problems of A Slow Running Mac

Part 1. The Easiest Method to Make Your Mac Run Faster

There are a lot of options available to you, but if you really want one that can answer a lot of problems with one solution then you’ll want PowerMyMac. PowerMyMac is a tool designed to help you maintain and improve the health of your Mac. Simply downloading and installing PowerMyMac on your Mac, will already give you an overview of the general health of your Mac. You can then decide which of the tools in PowerMyMac will help you improve your Mac’s running speed.

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How to Make Your Mac Run Faster with iMyMac PowerMyMac

Here are the steps of how to make your Mac run faster by using iMyMac PowerMyMac:

  1. Download and install iMyMac on your Mac device.
  2. On the home page, you will see the Status and it is the place for you to have a full check of the current running status of your Mac device. Then, choose Cleaner on the top.
  3. Cleaner is mainly for cleaning various kinds of junk files on your Mac. Therefore, you can choose one cleaning tool to clean files on your Mac to make the device run faster. For instance, System Junk.
  4. After selecting System Junk, press the Scan button to scan the whole files on your Mac device. You can preview those files after several-minute scanning process through the View button.
  5. Tick and select the files you want to remove under certain categories on the left column. If necessary, you may need to enter your Mac password for permission.
  6. Press the Clean to further process and double Confirm your choice.

Now, the files on your Mac are removed and your device can run faster.

Note: Other tools under Cleaner are operated with similar steps.

Powerful Features of iMyMac PowerMyMac

As mentioned, PowerMyMac has a lot of tools that can help you improve the current health of your Mac. Here are some of the most useful ones:

Uninstaller - Uninstalling on a Mac is quite easy, however, when you drag a program into the Trash Bin and delete the contents, it will indeed uninstall the program, but it does not delete all files related to the program. That means that somewhere on your Mac, fairly useless files are sitting around and taking up precious space, which could be assigned to different needs. With the PowerMyMac Uninstaller, you won’t have to worry about this happening, when you uninstall a program, it will allow you to remove all other files related to the said app.

Maintenance - This is actually a very useful feature if you want to make your Mac run faster. With this handy little tool, you can optimize some settings on your Mac that will help it improve the overall performance and speed of your Mac. Handy, easy, and very useful.

Cleaner - There are a lot of types of Cleaners, and you’ll get most of them with PowerMyMac. You will see several Junk Cleaner tools that can really help get rid of those unwanted items that are causing your Mac to slow down. You can use some of these tools or all of them, either or, each one you use will make your Mac run faster than before.

Duplicate Finder - Everyone makes mistakes and having duplicate files on your Mac is something pretty normal. As one can imagine, these duplicates can snowball into space consuming files, so getting rid of them as soon as you can is something you definitely want to do and PowerMyMac can make it easier to find and remove all of them.
Duplicate Scanning

PowerMyMac has a few more tools that can help you improve the health and the running speed of your Mac, but you should have a good idea on how such an app can really help you maintain your Mac.

Now, if you want to tackle the issues on your own, that is also an option and the next section will be discussing the usual problems and solutions to slow running Macs.

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Part 2. Eight Probable Problems of A Slow Running Mac

1. Your hard drive has too much stuff in it

Maybe you’ve been using your Mac so much that the hard drive is having a difficult time. It could be filled to the brim or just have a little more space, which makes the Mac slow down considerably. It would be best to start cleaning it out and removing files and programs that are no longer in use.

To make your Mac run faster is easy, find what isn’t useful and uninstall it. Delete old files that are no longer useful to you and keep going. Maintenance is key to making it run faster and is good for the overall health of your unit.

2. Update your programs

Have you checked if you are using the most recent programs on your Mac? If you want to make your Mac run faster, this is something that you need to be on top of and you need to always be aware of updates that come your way.

An easy solution to this is to check your current OS and see if there is an update, this also applies to the programs you frequently use, check for updates and more. Again, this is part of your regular maintenance and is something you need to pay attention to.

3. Start up slowing you down

When you restart or turn on your Mac, you might be experiencing a slow boot-up time. That could be due to a number of factors, but the most likely reason is that you have too many startup items hitching a ride when you open up your Mac. These take time to process, which slows down the entire system and can cause you to really bog down on what you need to do.

You can manage the startup items by visiting your System Preference and finding the Users & Groups, here you can find your login. You can scan through the startup items and choose which ones are really important to you, otherwise remove them and hopefully, that will help with your Mac.

4. Programs updating in the background

Even when you aren’t using some programs, some of them tend to update regardless of use. As they update, your Mac will slow down as memory is allocated to the updates and that will take away from resources you need to do your current tasks.

A quick solution for this is to make sure that you uninstall programs and apps that you are no longer using, making sure to uninstall properly will help free up more hard drive space and will also promote the general health of your Mac.
How to Make Your Mac Run Faster

5. The browser has too much junk files

Most people use their Macs to go online, it is highly likely that you have done that quite a number of times as well. Of course, going online will have some methods to slow down your Mac in general, after all, if your browser is slow, it will likely have a negative impact on your Mac.

Making sure to remove add-ons and plug-ins, as well as other junk files from your browser is a great way to keep the speed of your Mac to levels that you can work with. Another trick is to close unused tabs on your browser, that will also help. Making sure to go through the maintenance of cleaning your browser, among other things, is a must for any Mac user.

6. The desktop is a complete mess

One of the reasons your Mac could be slowing down is because you have an overly cluttered desktop. There are a lot of people who want to go through the convenient route and have all their files laying about their desktop, but having too many will seriously slow down your Mac in the long run.

To fix this problem, it’s pretty simple, clean up your desktop. Much like a cluttered room, if you clean it up, it will be easier for your Mac to move around and work.

7. Visual settings have yet to be disabled

Graphics are amazing and having crisp, fluid graphics on a Mac is great. While that is the ideal world, if things are as slowing down on your Mac, it might be time to cut back down on the graphics setting. Don’t worry, you won’t be setting it to black and white or something like that, that’s a little too drastic altogether.

Go to your System Preferences and find the Dock. There you can search around for the effects, if it was set to Genie effect, this will take a lot of resources on your Mac, switch it to Scale effect and this will help a lot.

8. Hardware issues are coming

Perhaps you were able to address all of the items above and think that you achieved all the solutions, that might be true, but it might be time to face a hard truth: your Mac is a little dated. Mac units are meant to last quite a bit, but even the best machines are left behind by technology and time, that is a hard truth to accept. Even if your once glorious Mac was the top of the line, it might be a little too old to keep up with your current needs.

There are no easy solutions to this problem, you might be able to extend the hard drive or add some RAM, but it’s just buying a little more time. With use and time, your Mac will likely lose speed and power, the only real solution is to buy a new one and take care of it, to make sure that it lasts even longer than your last Mac.

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As you can tell by now, a lot of the issues that are slowing your Mac are maintenance and cleaning issues. They can mostly be done manually or if you use PowerMyMac, can be done swiftly and efficiently, either method works really, you just have to figure out which one speaks to you the most.

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