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Pamela Garcia

What started as a hobby turned into a full blown job. I have been writing technical posts that help enhance the performance of Mac for the past 5 years. I am good at taking the advanced information and express it into easy-to-understand content suitable for a specific audience. Furthermore, I am always active in high-quality technical forums and communicate with other technical experts to ensure the necessary data I shared is accurate and most effective.

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How to Detect and Remove VBS: Malware-gen on Mac

Mac users are not spared from vicious viruses and malware. Sometime in 2015, VBS: Malware-gen became a problem. Check how to detect and remove it on Mac here.

Last updated:February 12, 2020

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Best Guide on How to Uninstall Kodi Completely

Have you ever wondering an effective way to uninstall Kodi completely? Without leftover add-ons and caches? Here is the best solution for you in 2019.

Last updated:December 14, 2019

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How Much Space Does Mac OS Take?

Are you curious about how much space does MacOS take? Today we'll learn how much space does it take and how to get more space to improve the device performance.

Last updated:April 2, 2020

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How to Uninstall Apps on Mac

Fail to uninstall unwanted stubborn Mac Apps, don't you? Here are ways of completely uninstall apps on Mac in just a few seconds with simple clicks.

Last updated:October 31, 2019

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Mac Sierra Vs Mac High Sierra: To Upgrade or Not?

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How to Fix MacBook Air Won't Turn on

If your MacBook Air won't turn on, you can try the methods mentioned in this post that based on Apple support suggestions. Keep on reading to fix MacBook Air...Read More

Simple Fixes For Airpods Keep Disconnecting From Mac

There are a lot of reasons for why Airpods keep disconnecting from Mac. Here we will provide seven simple ways to fix the issue. Find it in this post...Read More

Useful Guide to Deal with Mac Mouse Speed Too Slow

Are you bothered by the Mac mouse speed too slow? Do you want to address this problem efficiently? Here is a detailed guide on how to speed up the Mac mouse...Read More

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