Utilizing laptops when completing some activities is indeed convenient as they are handy. If you are a Dell user, what’s in this article will benefit you especially if you are concerned about capturing your screen activities for personal or work-related reasons.

Luckily, there are various methods of how to screen record on Dell that even first-time doers won’t find difficult to perform. There are free, online, and professional ways to ace the procedure. If you are excited to learn more about them, start by jumping into the first part of this post.

Contents: Part 1. Does Dell Come with a Screen Recorder?Part 2. How to Screen Record on Dell Windows 10?Part 3. How to Screen Record on Dell Laptop with Audio at The Same Time?Part 4. How to Screen Record on Dell Free Online?Part 5. In Conclusion

Part 1. Does Dell Come with a Screen Recorder?

Your Dell laptop probably has Windows 10 or a later version. If that’s the case, you should be aware that there is a built-in recorder that you can use, the Game Bar. One benefit of using this is that there is no need to install another third-party app to record your screen activities. This tool is simple to use and is a good solution to consider.

So, how to screen record on Dell using the Game Bar?

  1. To launch the Game Bar on your Dell’s screen, press the “Windows + G” keys.
  2. Prepare the area to be recorded and customize some available settings options (format, quality, audio settings).
  3. Once everything is ready, press the “Record” button that’s on the “Capture toolbar”. This will signify the start of the recording process. Alternatively, you may also hold the “Windows + Alt + R” keys. Pausing or stopping as well as taking snapshots can done via the control tool that you’ll notice on the screen.
  4. To conclude the recording process, you may press the same keyboard keys or the “stop” button. You shall see the recorded file from “Widgets” that’s under the “Gallery” section.

Screen Record on Dell with Game Bar

Part 2. How to Screen Record on Dell Windows 10?

Apart from using the Game Bar when screen recording on a Dell laptop, you are probably wondering if there are still other available options. You can also try using the VLC Media Player and OBS Studio. We will be discussing how to screen record on Dell using these tools in this section.


Though we know that Windows PC has Windows Media Player as its default media player, lots of users are still finding the use of VLC as a better option. Aside from more formats supported and settings that can be customized, it also can screen record. If you wish to try using the VLC Media Player to capture your Dell laptop’s screen activities, you may use the below guide.

  1. Launch the VLC Media Player on your Dell laptop, and then head over to “Media”. Choose the “Convert/Save” option next.
  2. Under the “Capture Device” tab, make sure to change the “Capture Mode” to “Desktop”.
  3. Proceed to the “Destination” section where you have to press “Browser” to set the destination folder and its name.
  4. Finally, to begin recording through this media player, click the “Start” button. Once done, you may press the “Stop” menu. You shall see the recording on the destination folder that was initially set in the previous step.

How to Screen Record on Dell


Another option to screen record on your Dell laptop is to use OBS Studio. It is an open-source tool that you can also use for free. Though free, you will surely be delighted knowing that there are also customizable and advanced settings functions that you can take advantage of while using it. Apart from screen recording, you may also do live streaming on several platforms while using this tool.

We have prepared the below guide on how to screen record on Dell laptops using OBS Studio for your easy reference.

  1. Once you have installed the OBS Studio on your Dell laptop, launch it right away.
  2. Head to the “Sources” tab, and tap the “+” icon. From the menu, look for the “Display Capture” option and select it.
  3. Name your session as you like before pressing the “OK” button. If there are several display units, just simply select the one you ought to record.
  4. The selected display screen shall be shown on the OBS window. Under the “Controls” tab, press the “Start Recording” option. The recording will then commence.
  5. To stop the recording, just head back to OBS Studio and tap the “Stop Recording” menu.

Screen Record on Dell with OBS

Part 3. How to Screen Record on Dell Laptop with Audio at The Same Time?

The use of free and easy-to-access tools such as the ones previously mentioned in the earlier sections of this article is good. However, some users might find them lacking as their features are only limited. If you are looking to screen record on your Dell laptop with audio at the same time, then you must rely on a professional tool that has the power to do this. We recommend using the iMyMac Screen Recorder.

With the abovementioned program, you’ll get to achieve a high-definition and lag-free screen and webcam recording experience with the flexibility to define your audio preferences. This software even has annotation tools and additional menus that would let you customize the outputs, take screenshots as needed, or launch the webcam as required.

To ace the process of how to screen record on Dell laptops with audio using the iMyMac Screen Recorder, just follow the below guide.

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  1. Upon installation of the program, open it and immediately look for the “Video Recorder” option from the main interface.
  2. If you are looking at recording only the screen, press the “Screen Only” option. Choosing the “Screen & Camera” menu will let you record both the screen and camera at the same time. The webcam should be detected automatically by the app. In case an issue arises, press the “Recheck” button. The next thing to do is to specify the recording area – whether “Full”, “Window”, or a custom size.
  3. The audio settings can be altered as you like. You may record only the audio from your microphone (through the “Microphone” option) or the system sound (through the “System Sound” option). Alternatively, recording both at the same time can also be selected by tapping the “System Sound & Microphone” button. If no audio is desired, then press “None”.
  4. The recording shall start right away once the “Start Recording” menu is tapped. If “Window” was initially chosen as the recording area, there will be a window popup showing numerous window programs. Select which one to use for the recording process.
  5. Once the recording procedure has been completed, all you have to do is press the red “Stop” button to conclude the process. You’ll then have the recording saved into your Dell laptop. Take note that buttons to “Pause” or “Restart” are also available. So, in case you wish to stop for a few minutes before continuing again or starting anew, you may utilize these functions.

Screen Record on Dell Laptop with Audio

Part 4. How to Screen Record on Dell Free Online?

Though there are great options to screen record on Dell laptops, others still prefer using an online tool as they find installing apps a hassle. If you are one of them, in this section, you will learn how to screen record on Dell via an online tool named Media.io. It is loved by many as it’s simple to use and offers multiple recording modes.

  1. Head to Media.io’s website and press the “Record Screen Now” option.
  2. Choose the recording mode. You may select the “Screen Recording” option or the “Screen & Camera Recording” button depending on your recording needs.
  3. It is now time to select the audio input device. Afterward, specify if you are to record a “Window”, a “Browser tab”, or the “Entire Screen”. Once the setup has been done, press the “Start Recording” menu to commence the recording process.
  4. Tap the “Stop” option to end the recording procedure once done. Click the “Add to Timeline” option next. This will let you edit the output via the available video editing functions. Upon completing this, you shall be able to download the recorded file.

Screen Record on Dell Free Online

And, that’s it! You have completed the process of screen recording on Dell using a free online tool.

Part 5. In Conclusion

There is no need for you to wonder anymore about how to screen record on Dell laptops. Fortunately, there are free options (Game Bar, VLC Media Player, OBS Studio) to try as well as some other online tools. But with the limited features these tools have, it is still best that you consider using a professional software program such as the iMyMac Screen Recorder.