I have a MacBook and I use it most of the time. I use it to surf the web both for personal and work reasons. I use different browsers to surf the web.

The reason being is that some sites work best on specific types of browsers. Now, I want to delete my browser history. How do I do this?

~MacBook Owner

Article GuidePart I: Introduction about Deleting History on BrowserPart II: Details Regarding Your Browser’s Search HistoryPart III. Why You Want to Delete Your Browser HistoryPart IV: How Do You Actually Remove Your Browsing HistoryPart V: Deleting Browser History EasilyPart VI: Conclusion

Part I: Introduction about Deleting History on Browser

Deleting your history on your browser is one sure thing you can do to ensure that your surfing privacy is kept safe. You don’t want other people snooping into what you’re actually surfing for online. That’s very intrusive.

That’s why in this article, we will teach you how to completely remove your browsing history from all browsers you use in your Mac device. You can do this and remove your history even from day one. It’s not that complicated to delete your browsing history manually.

However, there’s an even quicker way to do it, with iMyMac’s Browser Cleanup tool. The said tool is very easy to use and is not limited to deleting your browser history. It can also clear up caches and cookies that might be corrupted and lead to a poor browsing experience.

Before we actually start with the process of deleting your browser history, let’s start by finding out what your search history is and the reasons why you may wish to delete it completely from your Mac device.

Delete Browser History on Mac

Part II: Details Regarding Your Browser’s Search History

Surfing the web can be a not-so-private experience. When you actually do surf, the browser keeps a history of every page you actually visited. All pages are actually stored within the browser and are connected towards your account.

Although, if you select Private Browsing or Incognito Mode (depending on the browser you use), your history won’t be saved or tied up to your browsing account.

Now, after your browser has saved up the pages you visited in your browser, it shows these pages in autofill when you look for them the next time around. Within search results, these pages will also be highlighted in the color violet.

Your browsers also keep other information aside from the URL of the page you visited. They also keep data such as when you have actually visited these pages. That’s why sometimes browser history can be actually useful.

They can help you located the site name or URL you visited before. If you forget the name or URL of the said site, you can simply look it up in the history.

Part III. Why You Want to Delete Your Browser History

So, why would you wish to completely remove the history on your browser? Well, there could be a number of reasons. First, it could be due to privacy.

You might also need business confidentiality or professional etiquette. Sometimes, you can be downright paranoid or have OCD. Or maybe, you just want everything to be kept clean.

It can be very satisfying to realize that no one can view the history of your browsing experience. Cleaning your browser history can be especially useful if you are lending your Mac device to somebody else who needs to use it.

You might need to hide important information from somebody like if you’re preparing a birthday bash for your boyfriend and/ or girlfriend. That’s why clearing your browser history is best for those who simply need it most.

Part IV: How Do You Actually Remove Your Browsing History

It is not that complicated to completely remove your browsing history. It is different for each browser you use. You simply have to check out our guide below on how to do it.

How To Manually Delete Browser History In Safari:

Step 01 - Open Safari.

Step 02 - Go to the top menu.

Step 03 - Click tab named History.

Step 04 - Choose Clear History and Website Data…

Step 05 - Select the time range you want to delete. If you want to delete everything, select All History.

Step 06 - Press Clear History.

Remove Safari History

How To Manually Delete Browser History On Chrome:

Step 01 - Launch Chrome.

Step 02 - Press the burger icon. This is located in the corner (top-right).

Step 03 - Select History in the menu that pops up.

Step 04 - Press Clear browsing data…

Step 05 - Choose the time range you wish to delete. If you want to delete everything, select the beginning of time.

Step 06 - Check the Browsing history box.

Step 07 - Press Clear browsing data.

Remove Chrome History

How To Manually Delete Browser History On Firefox:

Step 01 - Launch Firefox.

Step 02 - Go to menu.

Step 03 - Open tab named History.

Step 04 - Select Clear Recent History.

Step 05 - Select the specific time range you wish to clear up. If you want to delete everything, select Everything.

Step 06 - Check out the Details arrow. Click this arrow.

Step 07 - Select Browsing and Download History.

Step 08 - Uncheck everything except the one you selected on Step 07.

Step 09 - Press Clear Now.

Erase Firefox History

Tip: If you are looking for ways to fix your Firefox crashing on startup issue, turn to the provided link to find solutions.

Part V: Deleting Browser History Easily

You can delete browser history easily with iMyMac’s Browser Cleanup Tool. Here are the advantages and steps to use the tool:

*It helps protect your private information by clearing it your entire browser of historical data, saved personal information and passwords, cookies, caches, etc.

*It helps speed up the performance of your web browser thus giving you better user experience.

*It comprehensively scans your entire Mac for unnecessary browser data that might result in the slowing down of your surfing experience.

*The comprehensive scan and complete cleanup of your browser can be done with just a few simple clicks.

*It is very easy to use. Even if you are not tech savvy, you can easily use the tool to do the cleaning up of your browser.

*It is very fast and powerful.

*You are given a free trial for the first five hundred (500) megabytes (MB) of data. Without shelling out money, you can experience the tool immediately.

*One on one support and email support is available to help you in case you get stuck on using the tool.

Free Download

Here’s how to use it step-by-step to clean up your browser:

Step 01 - Download the tool from the official website of the brand.

Step 02 - Launch the software on your computer.

Step 03 - Go to the left side of the interface.

Step 04 - Select the option named Browser Cleaner.

Step 05 - Press Scan.

Step 06 - After the scanning process is finished, choose the browser you wish.

Step 07 - Choose one of the categories like Cookies to clean. If you want to do a complete cleanup, select all categories.

Step 08 - Press the Clean button.

Step 09 - Click Confirm.

Step 10 - Wait until the cleanup process is finished.

Clean Browser History

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Part VI: Conclusion

You can delete browser data in two ways. One is by deleting it manually through each browser you use. Another is by doing it faster with a tool called iMyMac’s Browser Cleanup.

Whichever method you choose, at least you now know that your browsing history won’t be seen by anyone and will be kept private.