Cache makes your internet browsing easy. It stores small files of the history of your browsing activities. So, when you visit the same website, it loads a lot faster. Hence, you’ll find it more convenient to browse online.

While cache makes it a lot more convenient for you, it also keeps you from seeing updated information. Eventually, you’ll be getting the same data stored in the cache. Hence, this is the reason why you should really know how to clear cache on Mac Chrome.

Web developers are great examples of folks who make it a habit to clear cache. The reason for that is because they need to see the updated versions of their websites. If they don’t clear out the cache, there’s a big chance that they won’t be able to see the changes to make to the websites they create and maintain.

Article GuidePart 1. How to Clear Cache on Mac Chrome?Part 2. A Smarter Option to Clear Cache on Your Mac

Clear Cache On Mac Chrome

Part 1. How to Clear Cache on Mac Chrome?

There are a lot of reasons why you should clear cache on Mac Chrome. You really don’t have to be a web developer to see the need for it. If you want to optimize your Mac’s performance, you should clear out the cache.

It’s actually a very simple process. Here are the steps on how to clear cache on Mac Chrome.

1) Open your Chrome. You will find it on the top left-hand side corner of your Mac screen. It’s actually right before File on the menu at the top page.

2) Scroll down until you see Clear Browsing Data.

3) Click on Clear Browsing Data. You will see two options to clear your browsing data. These options are Basic and Advanced.

4) Click on the box beside Cached images and files under the Basic option.

5) Choose the time frame to clear out your cache. You can clear out your cache from the beginning of time or in the last 24 hours. That is up to you.

6) Then click on Clear data. This is the blue button below.

That’s how to clear cache on Mac Chrome. It’s important to note that when you clear out your cache on Mac Chrome, you’re not clearing out the cookies. Unless, of course, you choose to do it as well.Delete Your Browser History Everywhere

It Shouldn’t Stop There

Clearing the cache on Mac Chrome seems pretty simple but it shouldn’t just end there. You would also have to clear out the cache in your Mac. As a matter of fact, clearing out the cache in your Mac is a good habit to develop.

If you don’t make it a habit to clear out the cache in your Mac, there’s a big chance for it to slow down. The last thing you need is a slow Mac.

This is where digital hygiene comes in. The files stored by cache can accumulate over time. Even if you uninstall a program from your Mac, the files stay. They’re not deleted at all. As previously mentioned, that can cause your Mac to slow down in due time.

You actually have options to clear out cache in your Mac. One option is for you to do it manually. Here are the steps on how you can do it manually.

1) Find the Go to Folder by going to the main menu. You can also do a shortcut by hitting Command+Shift+G on your keyboard.

2) Type in a tilde, a backslash, and the word library in the tiny rectangular box that’s going to appear on your desktop. That box will take you to your Mac library.

3) Click on Go at the bottom of the box.

4) Look for the folder labelled Caches. If you want to see it right away, you can again hit Command+Shift+G on your keyboard. This will make it easier for you to find the said folder.

5) Select all files you see in your Cache folder by hitting Command+A. That will move the files to Trash. Then delete.

There’s another thing you should do to make sure the cache in your Mac is cleared out. This is just to make sure that your cache is totally cleaned out.

6) Hover over to the left-hand side. Do this while you’re still inside your Caches folder, which will already be empty at that point.

7) Look for the name of your hard drive under Devices. If, for some reason, you forgot the name, it’s the second one out of the three options you’ll see under Devices.

8) Click on Finder if you still can’t see the name of your device. That’s at the top, left-hand side of your Mac screen.

9) Click on Preferences.

10) Scroll down to the bottom part until you see Devices.

11) Make sure to check the box beside Hard disks for the name of your device to show up.

12) Go back to your Caches Folder to see the name of your device.

13) Click on the name of your device to go to the Library folder.

14) Click on the Caches folder. Chances are, you will still see some remaining files from other programs like your web service provider

15) Delete remaining files.

Take note: You won’t be able to see these files if you type in the path to go to the Library. However, if you click on the name of your device on the left-hand side, you will still see some remaining files. That is the reason why you should check out the cache by clicking on the name of your device. That way, you can totally clean out the remaining files stored in the cache.

Once you have done that, your Mac’s performance is going to improve. It’s going to be a lot faster since you’ve totally cleared out the cache.Clear Cache

Part 2. A Smarter Option to Clear Cache on Your Mac

You need to make it a habit to clear out your cache on Mac Chrome. For the sake of your privacy, you just need to do it.

To keep your Mac from slowing down, you also need to practice digital hygiene regularly. It’s pretty obvious that the manual process of clearing out cache could eventually take up some of your precious time. Considering that you have to do it regularly, you would really have to allot some time to get it done.

There is a smarter way to clear out the cache on both Chrome and in your Mac. You can simply avail of a software that can do everything for you.

iMyMac PowerMyMac is a software that can do a lot for you and your Mac. This is one powerful program that can perform multiple valuable tasks for you and your Mac. It not only cleans up your Mac, it also speeds it up.

The PowerMyMac boasts of a feature called Master Scan. This can clean out the junk files such as System Logs, User Logs, and Localization. That’s not all because the Master Scan can also clean out the System Cache and Application Cache.

Here are the steps on how to clear cache on Mac Chrome with PowerMyMac.

1) Download the software here.

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2) Launch the program.

3) Choose Privacy option when you get to the Toolkit.

4) Click “Scan” to browse the data on your Mac.

5) See the results from the scan.

6) Click on Chrome to clear out the cache from this particular browser.

7) Select your option from the right-hand side of the page.

8) Click on the Clean button below. The cleaning process will proceed. When it’s done, you will have more space on your Mac.

Clear Cache on Chrome

The PowerMyMac wipes out all the files that have been cached. There’s no need for you to do it manually. Even the cache from your web service provider is cleaned out. So, you’re assured that the junk from your email have been cleared out as well.

The Other Features of The PowerMyMac Software

The PowerMyMac can really save you a lot of time. That’s not the only advantage of this particular software. Since it clears out your browsing history on your behalf, you’re sure your personal information is protected at all times.

In addition to cleaning out your Mac, the PowerMyMac also removes files that take up a lot of space. It finds similar photos and keeps the better copy. It then deletes the copy with inferior quality. You don’t have to do anything to keep the better copies of all your photos in your Mac.

The PowerMyMac also boasts of a feature called Duplicate Finder. This feature scans for duplicated files and eventually cleans them out, providing you more space on your Mac.

These are just a few of the features of the PowerMyMac. So, if you really want to know how to clear cache on Mac Chrome, all you really need is this particular software. Why go through the trouble of learning the manual process when one powerful software like the PowerMyMac can do it all for you?

Definitely, A Smart Option

The PoweMyMac is very affordable software. Their various license plans are good for one, two, and five Macs. You also have the option to avail of a license for either a year or a lifetime. It’s really up to you.

Just to give you an idea as to how affordable PowerMyMac is, you can avail of their one-year license for one Mac at a discounted price of $19.95. From the regular price of $39.95, you can avail of the special price that’s being offered right now.

For a lifetime license on one Mac, you pay only $29.95. Regular price is at $80.95. So, if you avail of the special price right now, you’re really going to get a huge discount.

Of course, their lifetime license plan is more practical and definitely, more affordable than their yearly license plan. Considering the one-time payment of $29.95 for lifetime use, the PowerMyMac is definitely a smarter option for you. You can also check out the other plans if you have two or more Macs.

So, there really is no need for you to learn how to clear cache on Mac Chrome. All you need is the PowerMyMac software. It’s highly recommended to get the job done for you.

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