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How to Clear History on Mac

By Wian LJ | Lasted Updated 2018-06-27 05:46:15

Do you know how to clear browser history on Mac? Next, I will guide you on how to completely delete browser history on Mac in Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

Boosting and speeding up Mac can be attributed to a lot of factors and most of which are the browser histories, caches, downloads, and more.

They take up a lot of space and can be frustrating at times. So why not go ahead and clear them all out?

Find out below on how to clear history on Mac and regain your Mac performance.

clear browser history on mac

Part 1. What is Browser History?

A web browser captures every site or pages you visit to optimize and customize your browsing experience.

Every website you access including all activities you did on that specific page is stored locally on your Mac.

Doing this saves time and makes it faster to load the same site the moment you re-visit the site. 

It is called browser history because it records the timestamp and the specific page you accessed.

It can be good but a little alarming since it may invade your privacy plus of course the fact that it saves the huge amount of data that will tremendously affect the speed of your device. 

However, you have all the privileges to clear the browsing history on your Mac. If you use multiple browsers, well you need to do the cleaning on each browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera.

What gets deleted when you clear history?

Site URL

Site information such as icons, snapshots, images


downloaded contents

site plug-ins 

web searches

and many more

Part 2. How to Clear History on Mac in Seconds?

There is a one-stop solution to clear the histories on different web browsers in just a few seconds. Since you are using multiple web browsers, clearing them one by one may actually take time and a lot of settings to dig in.

We recommend that you use Browser Cleanup by iMyMac-Cleaner, a software with excellent tools on how to clear history on Mac. 

iMyMac-Cleaner(Browser Cleanup) features the following:

Clears Browser history, cookies, and other private files 

Efficient and easy to use software

Freedom to choose which files to keep and delete

Free Download

How to Use Browser Cleanup?

Simply follow these guides below on how to use Browser Cleanup:

Step 1: Download and launch iMyMac-Cleaner on your Mac

Step 2: Scan Your Browser 

Select Browser Cleanup on the left panel options

Click Scan to start the browser cleaning

Scan Your Browser

Step 3: Choose the desired browser history that you want to clean

Click on the Clean button and wait for the process

choose browser history to clean

Step 4: Wait for clearing finished

You may choose multiple browsers to clean

Wait until entire cleaning is finished

clean browser history

Browser Cleanup is a self-help program with in-depth performance in clearing out browser histories, caches, cookies, and more. Apart from that, there are more tools to use for made especially for your Mac. 

It also offers a lot of de-cluttering tools to boost the Mac performance by uninstalling old and unwanted apps, large and old files, shred files, and many other compatible Mac tools.

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Part 3. How to Manually Clear History on Mac?

If you opt for a manual method on how to clear history on Mac, we will give you the complete steps on how to do it on various web browsers.

The following steps below will help you navigate and go through each web browser. Find out which one works for you. 

Clear History on Safari:

Getting yourself familiar with Safari settings is better so it won't take much time in clearing browser histories

Launch Safari browser on Mac

Go to History Settings

Find and select Clear History and Website Data

Select how far you want to clear the history on the pop up (last hour, last day, etc...)

Click Clear

clear safari history

Clear History on Chrome:

Chrome settings are easy to use and navigate with.

Open Chrome on your Mac

Go to Settings

Find and click History 

Click on Browsing Data

Select the time range you want to delete

Mark the box for Clear Browsing History

Click the Clear Browsing Data button

Clear History on IE:

The settings on IE is quite confusing but once you get to know where things are, surely you can manage it at any time. 

Launch Internet Explorer

Click the Gear Icon or Settings

Go to Tools and Click Safety

Click on Delete Browsing History

Remove the check for 'Preserve Favorites website data' and check the box for 'Temporary Internet files'

Click Delete

Clear History on Opera:

Opera settings are easy to handle too.

Launch Opera browser on Mac

Go to Opera menu and click Preference

Click Browsing Data under Privacy & Security

Choose the time range 

Click Delete

delete opera browser history

Clear History on Firefox:

Firefox has almost similar browser history settings like the rest. 

Run Firefox browser 

Go to Menu and click History

Click Clear Recent History

Set the time range to clear

Mark the desired options to clear such as Browsing & Download History, Form & Search History, and more

Click on Clear Now

These are the manual steps on how to clear history on Mac in various web browsers such as IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

If you notice, doing these steps on multiple browsers is very tiring and confusing. Unless you have all the free time in the world that you can do all these. But of course, your data is at risk if you will keep it longer. 

You also need to clear browser histories at a regular time to ensure that nothing is traceable on your data. Choose only the best and quickest method on how to clear browsing history on Mac. 

Part 4. Conclusion

Afterall, using Browser Cleanup by iMyMac-Cleaner is still the best and fastest option on how to clear history on Mac.

This program lets you do tough jobs in seconds, unlike manual methods. Apart from the cleaning tasks, Browser Cleanup also checks your system status and removes Junk files and more in just a few clicks! 

Your internet activity is now safe by implementing these methods we recommended above.

We hope you apply these steps and regularly clear out browser history on your Mac to keep it safe, secured, and on full performance. Download your free version today and discover how great Browser Cleanup is!

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