Originally file explorer is made available for windows users, that is before called as Windows Explorer, if you would like to have the same Mac file explorer, we have listed some alternatives for you. If you would like to browse on your files on your Mac then file explorer can be a great help for you, since it was designed for application management.

Locating your files on your Mac can be troublesome, you have to go folder by folder or utilize the terminal and run in some commands just to get to the file that you need. If you would like to locate files that can be easier then these apps can help you, there are various options that you may choose from as we go on this article.

Contents: Part 1. Importance of a Mac File Explorer or ManagerPart 2. Best Selections for Mac File ExplorerPart 3. Conclusion

Top 17 Mac File Explorers to Quickly Locate Files

Part 1. Importance of a Mac File Explorer or Manager

There are several benefits of having a Mac file explorer on your Machine and here is the list of the reasons why it is a must-have on your Mac.

  • You can avoid losing files accidentally
  • Organization for easy decluttering the storage of your disk space
  • Keeps you updated what are the files that you have stored on your Mac
  • It can also improve your productivity by eliminating one of the forms of waste which are trying to find the files that you need to work on or to deliver
  • It also allows you to take full control of the documents in which who can access some high-level files in case that you are working on a shared computer or shared storage

Part 2. Best Selections for Mac File Explorer

For your convenience, we included the description of the apps for Mac file explorer that you may use and even included their advantages and disadvantages so you can choose for yourself.

iMyMac PowerMyMac

iMyMac PowerMyMac is a great all in one application to manage and declutter your files. It scans through your Mac fast and could identify the Junk Files that you may get rid of.

Plus, it locates files that are large in size and old files so you can make a review and remove those to free up some space on your Mac. This also allows you to remove or uninstall applications with its related files because uninstalling apps and moving them to trash will not get rid of its related data on your folders.

Mac File Explorer iMyMac PowerMyMac

Scans on most of the types of Junk Files such as iTunes Junk, Mail Junk, and System Junks. These kinds of junks could not be found easily on your folders and PowerMyMac can locate them for you. Since you can view and remove files, also it has a dashboard that lets you see the status of your Mac this is one of the best Mac file explorers.

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Path Finder

Most of its features and functionality are alike with OS X’s Finder in terms of management of files, It also includes command line, text editor, and utilities for compression. It also has some connections with Google, the Mail app, and even TeamViewer.

Advantages are it has a great main screen wherein it has info pane, shortcuts that are accessible on Mac and network. There are also sliding panes on the windows so you can access the most recent files, apps, and folders. Includes a dual window that. Other abilities are it can edit texts, the utility for terminals, and archiving files these are uncommon in Mac file explorer. Some of the disadvantages since it can hide the finder and trash, if it has been disabled it could cause some usage issues.

ForkLift on Mac

This has been designed by its developers mainly for its function and not the form, its user interface is quick and easy to understand for a Mac file explorer. Advisable for those who want to have less complicated apps and usually for beginners and should have fewer issues for FTP transfers or File Transfer Protocol by sending files or receiving.

The advantages of ForkLift have a modern interface that allows the users to quickly grasp the functions of its toolbars. Ease of connection since it has a button on its toolbar that you can use to set up the connection since most of the difficulty on FTP’s contains a lot of text boxes and options for file transfer. The only disadvantage though even they developed it as simple as they could, there are still some parts that users might need help with, and they do not have available support for it.

ForkLift Mac File Explorer

Disk Order on Mac

It is a double-file organizer that already includes FTP, if you are the type of person who works a lot with file works then this can be ideal for you. Also, if you used to use a PC before than Mac this could give you a good jumpstart, which can also be helpful for notebook users and it allows you to take control even just using the keyboard.

Some of the features it allows you to download and upload FTP’s, from the archive you can extract and browse files, make a preview, and even edit them.


This app has a lot of capabilities compared to the basic ones, though since it contains a lot of features this may be advisable for advanced users only. It also supports FTP, HTTP, HDFS, NFS, S3, SMB, and SFTP though it has a prerequisite to have the latest Java on your Mac. It even allows you to modify some zip files without the need of recompressing, you can also edit and add some bookmarks, and added options on the toolbar for easier navigation.

Total Finder

Finder app on Mac lacks features that are convenient to users if you install Total Finder the Finder app will automatically be replaced on your Dock.

Its capabilities that can be useful is it allows you to launch a new tab within rather than opening a folder and lose the existing window. You can activate its dual-pane mode so you can easily manage, organize, and sort your files on your Mac. You can try it for 14 days for free though it would cost $18.00 for the full version as your Mac file explorer.

Total Finder Mac File Explorer


If you are the type of person who wants to be classy and elegant even in terms of having an application, then that is the reason Flow was created. It works as finder as well but brings you as well the best in terms of server files also to your folders, It allows you to work remotely as easy and natural with Finder.

Commander One

It has SFTP/FTP and WebDAV or Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning that allows you to connect to several servers and a dual-panel organizer for a Mac file explorer. Moving and Copying files using this tool made it easier because of its dual-panel feature, also it allows you to browse multiple tabs if you are decluttering and can locate files fast.

Supports cloud-based storage as well as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive and you can add them on your Mac that serves as extra storage for your disk space. It also supports RAR, ZIP, TGZ, TBZ, and 7z for archives and you can access data from Android Services or iOS also Amazon 3 storage.


This Mac file explorer could help you with organizing and managing your files by adding some tags on them, this allows you to add tags on your files so you can easily locate them. It also includes some basic operations for file management that make it like a file manager that mainly focuses on tagging.

Softtote Mac Free Data Recovery

It allows you to restore files that have JPEG, PNG, MP3, and BMP formats, the most recent update was just on April 23 of 2020. For unfortunate events, this could be your life savior since in case you have deleted files by accident or due to loss of power even by malware or virus attacks. It could also help to restore data files from external storage like Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, and SD cards, though for the free version some formats to recover are limited.

Disk Inventory X

If you would like to find out the status of your disk, and the percentage of files that are taking space on your Mac then you can use this Mac file explorer. It shows a summary of the report or like a dashboard of what is taking space on your Mac, per category has its color so you could identify immediately. It has also the ability to show you using charts, for example, a pie chart and the category for photos is color red and videos are color green. You can also get this app for free.

Disk Inventory X Mac File Explorer


This is another FTP tool that you may use, it supports various networks like SSH, SCP, and telnet. If you use terminal for some connections it may not work as Putty does. It keeps the connection alive for FTP’s and that is the advantage of having a putty installed on your Mac.


A tool that makes transfers between your Mac and iOS devices easier. You can also take full control of the contents of your iOS device on your Mac. For files like music, videos, books, photos, voice memos, and podcasts the transition will be smooth from a Mac device to iOS device seamlessly.


A sharing tool that allows you to share files with anyone who has the same app installed on their Mac or device. It can share files regardless of the size, all you have to do is to upload the file and you may copy-paste the link for download and attach it on your message. Its interface is easy to use, just needed some few clicks on its toolbar and you can share files.

Post Haste

A good app for file organization, its main function is to help you manage and organize folders within your preference. It is commonly used for project management, you can arrange folders by project name, the name of the client and add the dates.

It also has a template generator wherein it can be helpful on your files and even allows you to make some changes like editing. Good thing as well is you can share this with others, you can select the location of the template on a shared network or shared storage within your organization.

FE File Explorer

Another Mac file explorer that can be accessible on iOS, Android, and macOS. Its capability is not limited to your local storage you will have access to your Machine and cloud-based storage as well. It allows you to transfer files from one location to another, you can also stream videos and music into mobile devices or on your Mac. You can view and organize your documents, files, and photos without the need of downloading them.

FE File Explorer


Free of charge app that has a feature of two windows management of files with a classy interface. It allows you to do some filtering and sorting of files for accessibility and convenience, it also supports UTF8 encoding and Windows. You can manage bookmarks so you can jump on one file to another, and lets you take a preview on files for photos, videos, and music. It also displays the size of the file and its specified location.

Part 3. Conclusion

Machine or device users need to have a Mac file explorer and manager on their system, the main objective is for the users to have the convenience. Another importance is it helps you keep your files organized so you would not be guessing where some files are has been saved.

Though some of the apps listed above have only one or two functions and having tons of apps installed on your Mac can take up some space on your disk space. The reason behind you can always get an all in one app that can-do various stuff for your Mac like iMyMac PowerMyMac, not only it allows you to manage your files but can also help you protect your privacy.

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