manIn this article today I will tell you what and where is the Mac task manager and how to use it.

Have you ever experienced doing something really important on your Mac and you got multiple things being done all at the same time and suddenly everything stopped?

The spin wheel takes forever to load and you cannot do anything on the device. Frustrating, isn't it?

What you will learn next is as follows

Article GuidePart 1. What and Where is the Mac Task Manager?Part 2. How to Access Activity MonitorPart 3. Force Close Freezing ApplicationsPart 4. Quick Access and Cleanup on Mac Task ManagerPart 5. Conclusion

Part 1. What and Where is the Mac Task Manager?

What is Mac Task Manager?

In Windows computer, you can easily kill all the crashing app and services on your system if they all start to turn their backs on you.

In Mac, there is also a Mac task manager but the name is called Activity Monitor. It works similar to the Windows task manager.

Mac Task Manager

How does it work?

The entire lists of running apps on the background and those being used can be seen in the Activity Monitor. You can find and see their statuses and manage their activities.

By monitoring the activity monitor of Mac you can determine its performance and can kill unresponsive apps when necessary.

Parts of an Activity Monitor

There are 5 main parts of a Mac task manager. These 5 categories are divided according to their use and processes.





And Network

Part 2. How to Access Activity Monitor

You can easily find the Mac task manager in the Utility folder. There are few ways on how to access the activity monitor and here are some methods on how to do it:

Using Spotlight Search

Open Spotlight or press the Command + Spacebar to launch

Enter Activity Monitor

Find the app on the search results and click to open

Via Finder

Launch Finder

Go to Applications

Click Utilities

Double-click Activity Monitor to launch the app

If you would like to keep the Activity Monitor onsight you can pin the app on the dock for future references. Here's how:

Launch Activity Monitor (choose from the options given above)

Right click on the app icon

Find and Click Options

Click Keep in Dock

You will never have to search Activity Monitor again!

Access Task Manager

Part 3. Force Close Freezing Applications

Just like how you kill an acting software or application on Windows, the Activity Monitor does the same thing.

Some apps do not close all by itself and leave you hanging with a freezing screen. Refer to these guides below on how to kill all the freezing running apps on your Mac.

Open Activity Monitor

Find the application among the lists of running apps

Search and click on the X button on the upper left side of the app

Click Quit on the pop-up screen that appears

Click Force Quit if the app is still in the background to End the Process

What is Force Quit?

A quick background on the force quit process on Mac. This is to simply end process of any freezing apps and no longer responsive.

The force quit is similar to the CTRL+ALT+DELETE on Windows but only uses the keys: COMMAND +OPTION +ESCAPE

Part 4. Quick Access and Cleanup on Mac Task Manager

We know that maintaining computers especially Mac can be tiresome and it can be dreading if you are unfamiliar with its components.

When causing serious mess is your main concern that you don't want to explore and tweak some parts of the system, you can use one solution for any Mac needs.

Mac Cleaner by iMyMac-Cleaner is a the sought-after-after tool that easily explores, diagnoses and cleans unnecessary files and clogs on Macs.

manMac Cleaner does the following:

Scans the entire Mac system

Deletes Clutter and Junk Files

Determines Old and Large files no longer needed

Shreds files easily and leaves no traces for vital documents

All these can be done in just a few clicks and by only using one program.

Now when you are experiencing serious freezing and crashing apps and it seems like there is more to it, you can clean them out using Mac Cleaner.

Mac Cleaner has a free download version wherein you can try and test its features. Surely you will enjoy its convenience and effectiveness at the same time. Follow these easy steps on how to de-clutter your system in no time!

Step 1: Download and Launch iMyMac-Cleaner on Your Mac

Free Download Buy Now

Download, install and launch iMyMac-Cleaner. Follow the onscreen prompts. Find the System Junk Under Mac Cleaner Category from the left side panel

Mac Cleaner Main

Step 2: Scanning System Junk

Allow the program to scan the entire Mac. This process will allow Mac to deeply find and show you the lists of Junk files

Selectively choose the Junk files among the displayed lists on the screen. These Junks are composed of Caches, Files and Photos Junk, System Logs, and more

Junk Files Scan

Step 3: Review and Select Items to Clean Up

Click the Clean button once you are sure to clean the given lists.

Junk Files Clean

Step 4: Clean Up Mac System Junk is Done

Wait until the process is completed.

After iMyMac-Cleaner has finished removing all the clutters and junks off your system, you will notice that these folders now have 0KB. This means that the folders no longer contain any caches, logs, etc.. inside.

Junk Files Clean Complete

If your web browser is the one freezing and crashing on you, you can use iMyMac-Cleaner and simply choose the Privacy or find out other Mac tools you use to speed and boost up your system!

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Part 5. Conclusion

Now that you have learned about Mac task manager, you can now conveniently check on the running apps and diagnose them from time to time.

You can easily navigate through Activity Monitor using the different steps we provided above.

However, if you need more than just accessing and force closing apps, software or programs, we highly suggest you use Mac Cleaner by iMyMac-Cleaner to clear out and manage the entire Mac system.

The next time you are caught up with unfamiliar happenings on your Mac, allowing Mac Cleaner to assess it for you.

It is safe, fast, and efficient at all times plus you are confident that you are removing the right files.