When it comes to cleaning up the junks that you have on your Mac, there is a lot of Mac cleaner that is available both on the Apple Store or in any other third-party market. With that, we are going to take a look at one of the most used Mac cleaner that we have nowadays which is the CleanMyMac powered by MacPaw.

Here is an article about a quick review of the CleanMyMac which will somewhat help you in deciding to get the program or not for your Mac.

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Part 1: What is CleanMyMac?

CleanMyMac is known to be an application that will help every Mac user to monitor their system. With just one press on the scan button of this program, you will be able to remove all the junks that you have on your Mac such as your caches, email attachments, temporary memory, unused applications, and so much more.

And with that, the MacPaw had just recently released the new CleanMyMac X which is known to be as the better version of the CleanMyMac so far.

The CleanMymac is said to be one of the best tools that every Mac users should have because it can do a lot of things for the user such as cleaning up their Mac, uninstalling applications completely from your Mac, and so much more. Since that there is the new CleanMyMac X available, it has been said that there are some additional features that every Mac users can opt to use.

  • Full Specs Design – the CleanMyMac is known to have a newly redesigned appearance. But all the tools that you have been using before are still located in the same place. That is why if you are going to update the program from version 3, then you will not be able to feel new to it at all. It is just the appearance that had changed.
  • Better Algorithms For Scanning Junks on Mac – The new CleanMyMac X is said to have a better way of cleaning all the junks that you have on your Mac. It is because the MacPaw was able to base it all from the previous version of the CleanMyMac to improve its performance.
  • Malware Scanner – CleanMyMac X has the said ability to check for any malicious files, viruses, and a lot more. That is why if you have the feeling that something is not right on your Mac’s system, the CleanMyMac will be able to scan it for you and remove it from your Mac.
  • Faster Way of Scanning – The CleanMyMac X has an improved scanning time from the first versions that it has. It has the scanning process three times faster than the old version. So if you are going to scan your Mac for all the junks that you have on your Mac, it will then only take you a small amount of time.
  • Personal Assistant – Once that you have performed a scan on your Mac, there will be a bubble chat that will appear on your screen. This bubble chat will then offer you some additional suggestions when you go and clean up your junks. The personal assistant of the CleanMyMac X can be located at the upper right corner of your screen any time. So if you want to get some suggestions, just go ahead and click on it.
  • A New Design on its Menu – The menu bar of the CleanMyMac X comes with a whole new design and look that actually contains more details which will be available on your screen. You will be able to see the usage of your hard drive space, how much RAM is already used on your Mac, the load of your processor and as well as the applications that are taking it down. You will also be able to see your network speed and you can also monitor the space that you are using on your Dropbox.

The CleanMyMac X can actually help you in cleaning up your Mac from all the junks files that you have. It can clean up all the outdated caches, broken downloads, logs, useless localization, and files that you no longer need. You can also be able to remove a lot of clutters that is actually lurking in your iTunes, Mail, Photos, and from your local gigabytes of hidden files.

The CleanMyMac X can also help you in fixing some issues that you have on your Mac with just one click. This is because the program comes with an easy solution that will no longer require you to dig deeper on your files, and no more long instructions.

The CleanMyMac X also has the ability to be able to speed up the performance of your Mac. This is because once that your Mac stalls, you will be able to get a full speedup tool that you can use. This includes Free Up RAM, Maintenance Scripts, control for your Logins, Launch Agents, and Hung Applications.

CleanMyMac X also has the ability to protect you from any viruses. Once that you have the CleanMyMac X on your Mac, it can also help you in fighting any malware, adware, ransomware, and other things that will harm your Mac. And once that the issue is found on your Mac, the CleanMyMac X will then remove it immediately.

It also comes with two features that you can use for your applications. It comes with the Uninstaller tool which will allow you to remove any applications that you have on your Mac which you no longer need or use. And the other one is the Updater, which will allow you to update those applications that are in need of an update so that you can use it better on your Mac.

CleanMyMac X also comes with four modules that you can choose from. One of which is the Cleanup module which will be a great help in cleaning up junks on your mac. Under the Cleanup module, you will be able to make use of different options such as System Junks, Photo Junks, mail Attachment, iTunes Junks, Trash Bin.

Another module that you can find on the CleanMyMac X is the Protection which you can use for you to make sure that your Mac is protected from any harmful elements. You will be able to find there two protection software which is the Malware Removal and the Privacy.

Another module that you can find on the CleanMyMac X is the Speed which can help you in optimizing your Mac and at the same time maintaining it. This two options will be able to help you speed up the performance of your Mac.

And lastly, the Applications module which can actually help you with all the applications that you have on your Mac. It comes with two options for you to use for your applications. One is the uninstaller which you can use for you to uninstall all the applications that you no longer need on your Mac. And the other one is the Updater, which will actually help you to locate any applications on your Mac that is in need of an update.CleanMyMac Logo

Part 2: The Good Things About the CleanMyMac X

One of the good thing about CleanMyMac X is that it will be able to let you know the applications that have the need to be updated. So you will be able to see the application and have it updated to the newer version for you to be able to use it properly on your Mac.

Another thing is that its application uninstaller actually comes with a specific section for any 32-bit application that you have on your Mac. So with the help of this feature of the CleanMyMac X, you will be able to uninstall all the applications that you will no longer need on your Mac easily and quickly.

Also, the CleanMyMac X has the ability to make suggestions on the things that you should be deleted on your Mac. This way, you will be able to know the things that are useless and just eating up space on your Mac. It is now up to you to decide whether you are going to remove them or not. This is because the CleanMyMac X can thoroughly scan your Mac and once that it is done, you will be able to see all the details and choose manually to delete them or not.

One of the most changes that took place on the new CleanMyMac X is that it has a new interface. It actually comes with a different appearance than before. An example of which is that now it has a rounded corner, brightly- colored icon, faux transparent background, and also an ombre effect all throughout its interface.

The new Menu bar which is also updated is one of the best things on the updated version of the CleanMyMac. This is because it can now show you a lot of helpful information about your Mac’s system. Not only that, but it also comes with a shortcut when it comes to the cleaning process of your Mac. On the menu bar of the new CleanMyMac, you will now be able to make a speed test, remove your trash, and free up your Mac’s memory.

And of course, the CleanMyMac X also comes with a “Clean All” options which make the process of cleaning up all the junks that you have on your Mac faster than before.

Part 3: The Downside of the CleanMyMac

Of course, nothing is perfect nowadays. Although the CleanMyMac has been updated and had been improved, there are still some downsides or we can also say the disadvantages of using the CleanMyMac.

One is that there are some functions of the CleanMyMac that can be confusing. An example of which is when you try to delete the duplicate, the older Malwarebytes application directly on Finder, it will still appear in the CleanMyMac X until such time that you have to quit and restart the program on your Mac.

Yes, the CleanMyMac can be able to look for what is going on to your Mac’s system, but it is still a better idea that you go ahead and review the file so that you will be to understand more about the what is being suggested as to why you have to remove the file.

So to sum it all up about the good and the bad thing about the CleanMyMac X, here is the main point.

Pros of CleanMyMac X

  • It can recommend things for you to remove manually.
  • It comes with an all-new gorgeous interface.
  • It has an updated menu that will be able to tell you more information.

Cons of CleanMyMac X

  • There are some functionalities that can actually be confusing to some users.
  • It has a high price compared to other tools available in the market.

Part 4: Conclusion

The CleanMyMac X can already be said as the best version of the MacPaw when it comes to cleaning up a Mac device. It has a beautiful interface, works great on your Mac and comes with several features that can help you in dealing with your Mac. And in case that you do not want to go over the tools one by one, then you can go ahead and make a smart scan and quickly remove all the junks that you have on your Mac and at the same time free up some of your space on your hard drive and memory.

The CleanMyMac is actually not the cheapest tool that is available in the market. It is because its price is actually on a $90 for you to be able to have a one-time purchase. Or you can also pay $40 every year for your subscription on the CleanMyMac X. Actually, all of the things that the CleanMyMac can do on your Mac are things that you can also do on your own. That is if you know your Mac well and that you are not afraid to use Terminal.