SPSS is a data analysis program used by academics in a variety of industries. You can easily collect and evaluate your data because the interface may be adjusted. However, there are some complaints in regards to using the app. Many users keep on getting error messages when they try to run specific analyses. To solve this problem, they would choose to uninstall the app and reinstall or find another alternative software.

How to uninstall SPSS on Mac is a complex procedure that requires basic skills, but if you are a beginner and barely know how, you can follow this tutorial to completely remove unwanted apps from your Mac.

Contents: Part 1. Where Are SPSS Files Stored on Mac?Part 2. How to Delete SPSS from Mac Manually?Part 3. How to Uninstall SPSS on Mac Completely?Part 4. Conclusion

Part 1. Where Are SPSS Files Stored on Mac?

SPSS, now known as IBM SPSS Statistics, is an excellent software for interactive and batched statistical analysis. With an install package that is 800 MB in size, the said software will take up a significant amount of hard drive space on your Mac. Always remember to remove its install package once it has been installed.

When users are trying to remove SPSS from Mac, most of them discover that removing every one of the app's data and files is quite tricky. Even when they think they've completed the removal, related data and traces can still be discovered on your Mac.

How to Uninstall SPSS on Mac

In this scenario, the most crucial thing to know before beginning the removal is where the SPSS app is located, as well as which locations and folders are often needed to secure its related data and files. SPSS files are stored in the following folders:

  • Applications folder
  • ~/Library/Application Support
  • ~/Library/Caches
  • ~/Library/Preferences

To know the different ways on how to uninstall SPSS on Mac, please read the instructions below.

Part 2. How to Delete SPSS from Mac Manually?

Although Mac OS X does have its own uninstalling tool, you can manually do the software removal. Because the SPSS generates a large number of data and files on your Mac, you must be careful and expect plenty of time to complete such manual cleanup. Below are the instructions on how to uninstall SPSS on Mac manually.

  1. Check to see whether SPSS still is active on your computer and shut it down.
  2. Click Go on the top portion menu of the Finder, then click Applications.
  3. Find and open the IBM directory, and then reveal the contents of the package to see just how many documents are in it.
  4. Place the entire contents of the folder in the Trash.
  5. Then, select Go which can be found on the Finder's menu bar top portion, and click Go to Folder...
  6. Enter "~/library/" within the box and press the Return button.
  7. Double-click the Application Support to open it, then remove the SPSS folders and files.
  8. Continue to explore and inspect the Library's Caches and Preferences directories, as well as the SPSS app's documents and residues.
  9. Select Empty Trash or Secure Empty Trash from the context menu once you right-click the Trash.
  10. Restart the computer.

Remove SPSS from Mac With All Components

If certain files are unable to be located and removed from your Mac, the partial removal may prevent a future successful re-installation.

Part 3. How to Uninstall SPSS on Mac Completely?

You may use PowerMyMac's App Uninstaller to assist you in completing this program removal. This automated uninstaller can search out all linked components and remove them swiftly using its robust algorithm within uninstalling function. This software may also be used to remove any apps from the Mac OS X that you don't wish to keep.

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Follow the guidelines below to know how to uninstall SPSS on Mac automatically:

  1. Quit the SPSS app first and any other processes that are running on your Mac.
  2. Before you can use the application, you must first download and install it. The program offers you an overview of your system's performance when you first run it.
  3. After you've clicked the App Uninstaller tool, do a scan. Wait for the scanning process to finish. Only re-scan all applications if needed.
  4. A list of programs will show on the right side after scanning all of the installed programs on Mac. Type the name of the SPSS application, or any other unwanted software, into the search box to discover it quickly. The documents and folders linked with the software will display on the right side when you choose the app.
  5. Choose all of the files you want to get rid of. Double-check everything and then select Clean from the drop-down option to complete the uninstallation. Wait for the "Cleanup Completed" pop-up dialog to appear. To finish the operation, restart your Mac.

Uninstall SPSS on Mac Automatically

Part 4. Conclusion

Even with other apps, it may be confusing where to start, especially if you are a beginner. This article will help you and guide you on how to uninstall SPSS on Mac properly. Many users make mistakes by just dragging the app on the Trash, they would call it finished and complete removal already.

Knowing how it affects the system, others may not know about it. In removing the app, there are two ways: manual and automatic removal. A manual approach would mean doing everything on your own, which is more complex since automatically uninstalling SPSS would require a professional tool that can quickly and safely remove the app effortlessly.