How do you back up your photos? Do you even back them up? Well, you should. There is an easy way to back them up. According to the reviews online, the Picture Keeper is a device that can help you back up photos. If you haven’t heard of it, then these Picture Keeper reviews will show you how this awesome device works.

You might lose your photos if you don’t back them up. With Picture Keeper, you can always back them up. Continue reading to learn more about its features, functions, benefits, and drawbacks of this particular device.

Article GuidePart 1. The Picture Keeper Reviews: Up-close IntroductionPart 2. Benefits and Drawbacks of the Picture KeeperPart 3. Bonus: The Best Tool that Works Well with the Picture KeeperPart 4. In Conclusion

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Part 1. The Picture Keeper Reviews: Up-close Introduction

The Picture Keeper reviews show how easy it is to make backup copies of your photos. Up close, the Picture Keeper looks like a thumb drive. It’s small and handy. That means it’s easy to take anywhere. You’re going to appreciate its portability.

Another good thing about it is that you don’t need to download the software. The software comes with the thumb drive already. It’s easy to use it because of the simplicity of the program.

Picture Keeper

How it Works

Surely you have a lot of photos on your computer. They need to be backed up for safekeeping. You can never tell what’s going to happen to your computer. You can lose or damage it for all you know. In case that happens, you have a backup of all your photos on your Picture Keeper. It’s easy to use. Just read below to see how you can operate it.

  1. Plugin the Picture Keeper device to your computer. Once you have done so, the software will appear on the screen.
  2. Click start. Once you do so, the Picture Keeper will automatically find and save your photos. There’s no need for you to drag and drop or copy and paste. The Picture Keeper will do all the work for you.
  3. Follow the easy process of saving your photos with the easy-to-use guide.

The Picture Keeper organizes your photos exactly the way they’re organized on your computer. Each time you add a photo, it updates automatically based on your latest photo. It always remembers your last update. This means that you don’t end up with duplicate photos each time you update or add a photo.

Available in Three Sizes

The Picture Keeper comes in three sizes. The first size holds around 4000 photos. The second size holds around 8000 photos. The third size holds twice as much as the second size. That’s a whopping 16,000 photos that can be backed up by the Picture Keeper.


As previously mentioned, the Picture Keeper comes in three models or sizes. The first model that can hold 4000 photos goes for US$ 29.99.

The second model that can hold 8000 photos goes for US$ 59.99. The third model that can hold 16,000 photos goes for US$ 99.99.


The Picture Keeper is compatible with both Mac and Windows. You can also plug it in televisions that have a USB port. It easily makes your photos portable. You can show your photos around anytime and anywhere.

Part 2. Benefits and Drawbacks of the Picture Keeper

Just like any product, the Picture Keeper comes with some benefits and drawbacks as well. The Picture Keeper reviews show the benefits and drawbacks of this particular device.


  • Portable;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Compatible with a lot of devices and platforms;
  • Photo sharing is easy. No need to access iCloud accounts;
  • No need to download software;
  • Can be used even if there’s no internet;
  • Comes with an adapter; and
  • Backs up contacts as well.


  • Can be misplaced, lost, or damaged;
  • Data can easily be accessed by anyone; and
  • Costly especially if a bigger size or model is needed.

Picture Keeper Reviews

Part 3. Bonus: The Best Tool that Works Well with the Picture Keeper

In spite of the drawbacks, the Picture Keeper is still worth trying. Should you decide to try out the Picture Keeper, there’s an app that can work well with it. That app is iMyMac PowerMyMac’s Similar Image Finder.

The Picture Keeper will not back up duplicate photos. The question is, will it backup similar images? The answer is yes.

Similar images are the ones that have been edited. They may have been flipped, rotated, or even filtered. You have probably edited a lot of your images on your computer and they don’t exactly look like the original photos. They could pass as different photos but in reality, they’re very similar to the original. Chances are, you probably don’t need all those similar images.

That’s where the PowerMyMac’s Similar Image Finder comes in. It boasts of the latest technology called reverse image search. What that means is that it can find similar images on your computer. It scans your computer. When the scanning is done, you can view similar images before cleaning them out from your computer. It’s that easy to use this Similar Image Finder. They have a free download so that you can try it out first. Should you decide to go for their paid version, you will be getting 16 other apps that can do wonders for your Mac.

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Part 4. In Conclusion

It’s probably high time you back up all your photos. Saving and storing them in just one location could be dangerous. Whether you save or store them on your Mac or iPhone, you’re going to run out of space in either one.

Another thing is that the hardware you save and store your photos on could get damaged. Once it’s damaged, you might lose all your photos. That’s why you need to back up now. The Picture Keeper seems like a great product to use to back up all your photos. Just don’t forget to use it with iMyMac’s Similar Image Finder so that you can save on space.

Have you heard of the Picture Keeper? Would you be willing to try it out? Share with our readers your thoughts on it.