There are a lot of reasons why we need to do some editing on our MP4 files, it could be for school, presentation, or a profession that users would like to venture on. It could also be a hobby, we are glad to help you with how to edit MP4 on Mac if you are fond of making your videos and sharing them with your family and friends, in this article we have a few options for you to choose from.

Editing music and videos now are rampant nowadays due to a lot of people are earning some good money by doing their vlogs or video blogs they have to do some editing on their videos. To edit means adding some effects, may it be sound or visual effects, removing or cutting some content, enhancing the quality of the video such as brightness, and many more to make their videos catchy for the viewers.

Contents: Part 1. How Do I Edit MP4 Video on Mac?Part 2. How Do I Edit MP4 in QuickTime Player?Part 3. Conclusion

Part 1. How Do I Edit MP4 Video on Mac?

From all the number of media file formats available, there must be a reason why MP4 is the file type that you have. This is most probably has been supported by most of the platforms and websites, though the only catch there is editing an MP4 file is not that easy.

So how to edit MP4 on Mac? How do you edit MP4 on Mac for free? We highly recommend for you use the best free video editor for Mac - iMyMac Video Converter to edit your MP4 file, we have listed some of the main reasons below.

  • User-Friendly interface. It is very easy to understand how to use the commands that beginners can do some advanced skills like editing by using iMyMacVideo Converter
  • It has a lot of categories that you can use from converting different kinds of file types since it supports various media file types
  • It could enhance your media files especially for video files since it allows you to do some editing like lighten the dark spots of the video, improve its visual by adjusting the lighting, and also adding some watermark

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Since we have introduced the best free video editor for Mac - iMyMac Video Converter, we will now go towards how to edit MP4 on Mac using this software.

How to Edit MP4 on Mac with iMyMac Video Converter

Background Music

You can add multiple music clips as your personal background music.


This is where you can modify the lighting, hue, brightness, and contrast for better visualization.


Use this to remove some portions of the media file, example there are some gray areas on the media you can use this to leave the focused part of the media on the presentation. You can easily use this feature to crop videos on Mac.


For example, the file that has been recorded is on a landscape mode, if you want to change its view you can easily rotate the file using iMyMac Video Converter.


You can add watermarks to protect your creation to avoid copyrights, especially if you are working on a confidential file.


Add subtitle is for a better understanding of the audience, there may be some portions of the file that are in different languages so you can put subtitles on it.

Adjust Volume

You can even out the volume of the video.

You have the ideas on how to edit MP4 on Mac with iMyMac Video Converter now and it also allows you to convert media file types like MP4. This tool could save you from having multiple apps installed on your Mac.

How to Edit MP4 on Mac

Part 2. How Do I Edit MP4 in QuickTime Player?

In addition to free video editing software for Mac, the QuickTime app is already installed on your Mac since it is one of their default programs on your Mac if you have the recent version of macOS. QuickTime is often used to play music and videos on your Mac, but also it will allow you to do some basic editing both for audio and video format.

How do I trim an MP4 file on a Mac? Here is some basic guidance on how to Edit MP4 on Mac with QuickTime.

How to Trim the Middle of a Video on QuickTime

  1. Launch the file using QuickTime App if it is a video file it will automatically open via QuickTime if it is audio
  2. Press Command + Click or you can Right Click
  3. Select Open with QuickTime
  4. Select Edit and click Trim
  5. A window will show how you could navigate the Trimming of the file.
  6. Once done, select File then click Save. This will save the edited file but leave a copy of the original file as well.

Trim Video in QuickTime Player on Mac

How to Combine Two or More Files on QuickTime

  1. To put together two or more files into one media, you should open the first file.
  2. Put other files on the QuickTime Window that you want to combine.
  3. You can drag and then drop files to make it a single file.
  4. Select a file that you would like Trim to add to the file.

Combine Two or More Files on QuickTime

The same thing when you edit on the audio file, by using combine also allows you to add sound effects on the video presentation or as background music. QuickTime also allows you to resize or shrink the files to lessen its size.

Part 3. Conclusion

Now you have learned how to edit MP4 on Mac. Editing an MP4 file can be done easily with the help of the apps of course since the apps nowadays are built as extremely user-friendly like iMyMac Video Converter, the best free editing apps for Mac.

Though Mac could have QuickTime that you can use, its features are limited unlike having iMyMac Video Converter wherein you could also enhance the quality of your file. Rather than having multiple software or apps installed for your media file editing, use iMyMac Video Converter as your all-in-one tool.

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