Whether it is from VOB to MP4, there are a lot of video formats that are available and some formats may not really be compatible with your Mac because of the codecs. You will then need to have it converted to another format that is compatible with your Mac to make it work.

You wouldn't be needing an expert in video editing to fix these kinds of problems. For example, the VOB file is not playing on your Mac and usually MP4 file is the one compatible with your Mac. That is why you might need a little help with conversion tools.

Article GuidePart 1: What is A VOB File?Part 2: Ways on How to Convert VOB to MP4Part 3: Conclusion

Part 1: What is A VOB File?

Video Object (VOB) is a local DVD storage document format. This holder design some of the time contains encoded documents as DVD menu, video, sound, route content, and additionally captions or subtitles.

The VOB record is the center of any DVD video and you can find it in VIDEO_TS folders with a .vob file extension. It is like a home to real video information, including audio, for example, AC3, MP2, and DTS, and MPEG-2 stream video.

VOB records are, regrettably, not very much supported by the available media players in Mac (Apple QuickTime player). Since local players don't appropriately manage these documents, it is significant that you utilize outsider players that can change over the record into a coherent organization and play it easily.

Convert VOB to MP4

Part 2: Ways on How to Convert VOB to MP4

In this article, we have listed 3 ways on how you could convert VOB to MP4 files on your Mac, all of the options outlined below are all simple and easy.

Easiest Way to Convert VOB to MP4 using iMyMac Video Converter

iMyMac Video Converter looks like a one-stop-shop device that you may use in changing over records, it can change over video and sound documents in different accessible information and formats.

Moreover, it has a huge number of included features that you can use in redesigning your video records and sound documents.

  • It works truly quick and it can change over any sorts of arrangements in just a couple of minutes
  • It includes features if you would like to do some video changing like video redesign
  • You can change the lighting, crop, join two chronicles, adjust the tint and separate and even split the video
  • You are able to add watermarks, subtitles, audio effect and so on

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Steps to Use iMyMac Video Converter to Convert VOB to MP4

Changing over archives using iMyMac Video converter is incredibly basic, just follow the direct strides beneath:

  1. Go to the site imymac.com in the Menu Bar > Select Video Converter
  2. You may choose between Free Download or you can pick to Buy Now to take use its capability
  3. Open the iMyMac Video Converter > Click on the Add Multiple Videos or Audios icon on the upper left side of the screen
  4. Review your library then > Select the VOB File that you should change over > Choose MP4 in "Convert Format" > Click Save
  5. Click on the Convert button

Use iMyMac Video Converter to Convert VOB to MP4

Convert VOB to MP4 Free Online using Convertfiles.com

Using the web is pretty easy to convert files plus you can use it for free. But be careful though since it's for free there might be lots of ads that would get in your way, do not click on those ads as it may redirect you to some site that may cause malware on your Mac.

Also, you have to make sure that your network connection is stable, fast and reliable since you are converting online any network interruption may cause for the output file to be damaged.

You may use Convertfiles.com, its interface is very easy to understand. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the website or type in your address bar on your browser
  2. On the Choose Local File field > Click on the Browse Icon > Add the desired VOB file to convert
  3. Input format field will be pre-filled with Video Object if not then > Select Video Object on the list
  4. Output format filed > Select MP4
  5. It will also give you an option for the output to send it to your email > Tick on the Box if you like
  6. Hit Convert Button > Allow a couple of seconds to convert > Your output is ready for download

Convert VOB to iTunes on Mac

One of the options is you can convert the VOB file to your iTunes since iTunes mostly supports the MP4 file, this is also one way of converting from VOB to MP4 file.

For example, you can use UniConverter App and here is the guide on how you could do it.

  1. Visit the website of UniConverter > Select Free Download
  2. Open the App then Import the file on the platform by Selecting Add File or you can Select Load DVD
  3. On the right side of the window on the Convert Task to Select your device > A list will show then Select Apple > Another list will pop up Select your Device
  4. Click on the Convert Icon and wait for it to finish
  5. Tick on the Box that’s stating to Automatically Add to iTunes when converted

Convert VOB to iTunes on Mac

While this can be a good option, the downside is we just find its user interface is not that easy to use, you have to select a lot of options before you can finish the process.

Part 3: Conclusion

Now you can convert VOB to MP4 easily. Sometimes it is good to know the different kinds of file types so you could better understand why it is not working or playing on your Mac or why we need to convert them.

There will always be a lot of options on how you could do it its just a matter of your choice whether to do it online or have a converter app installed on your Mac like iMyMac Video Converter.

By having an app ready on your Mac you can reduce the risk of getting some malware on the web since you don’t have to go the various websites just to convert a file. Also, you can use its added features wherein you can beautify and upgrade your files.

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