Mac owners gravitate towards software for cleaning and optimization tools omitted by Apple. Both CleanMyMac and CCleaner have gained the toehold in the Mac third-party tools’ market. While CleanMyMac has a broad variety of tools to tidy up, purge malware and boost system speed, CCleaner offers an excellently functional application with intelligent cleaning algorithms.

So today we will make a contrast on "CleanMyMac VS. CCleaner" in the following parts.

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Article GuidePart 1: CleanMyMac VS. CCleaner: Comparison of Their Optimization FeaturesPart 2: Benefits & Downsides of CleanMyMac And CCleanerPart 3: Best Alternative to CleanMyMac And CCleanerPart 4: Wrap It All up

Part 1: CleanMyMac VS. CCleaner: Comparison of Their Optimization Features

CCleaner’s unfettered compatibility with major platforms such as Windows, Android, and Mac dwarfs its macOS-only counterpart with a mammoth fan base. CCleaner has an intuitive interface to scan and spruce up your Mac for more straightforward operations.

CleanMyMac represents a multi-maintenance arsenal at the higher end of the spectrum with a range of cleanup solutions, extra aftercare features, and inbuilt RAM optimization.

Multi-Functional Muscle

CCleaner neatens up your Mac, launches exhaustive scans and performs repairs in a jiffy. The app’s analytics give you optimum control over your apps and system settings. This means you can cherry-pick redundant trash caches, files, logs, and other junk with a single click. CCleaner throws in a high-precision uninstaller, startup optimizer, and Erase Free Space for its competitive edge in an algorithm-driven arms’ race. The Erase Free Space allows you to purge hidden remnants of deleted files from your hard drive permanently.

CleanMyMac offers a powerhouse with a full range of optimization features for a clutter-free computer. You can optimize your RAM with one click. It scans everything from soups to nuts, including system and pre-installed apps to smoke out junk files. Moreover, it performs precise scans for predetermined areas. CleanMyMac comes with an uninstaller, a file shredder, the extension, and the private manager. It runs less-intensive maintenance tasks like removing caches, re-indexing the Spotlight search app, and repairing disk permissions.

Compare CleanMyMac and CCleaner

Free And Premium Packages

CCleaner launches countless scans or repairs across its pricing range, including the free package. Upgrade to premium with $24.95 for fewer licenses to get automated browser cleanup, junk management, program updating, and priority support.

Conversely, CleanMyMac’s free package whittles down the amount of junk disposable to 500MB but features remain intact. You’ve to fork out $39.95 or take out 5 licenses to slash off 55% from the purchase price. CleanMyMac also throws in software bundles that encapsulate other apps engineered by MacPaw or CleanMyPC.

Ease of Use

CleanMyMac’s stylish interface has complicated settings and omits useful features. The dashboard swarms with tons of details that may rack your brains as a beginner. However, it’s intuitive and generates troves of data such as a bird’s eye view of disk contents.

CCleaner embodies a no-frills piece of software you can trust as a cleanup and optimization workhorse. It has a sleek and beginner-friendly interface which means everything can be done by a nod and a wink. It fosters the feeling of smooth navigation inherent in Mac with a straightforward program.


Unlike CleanMyMac, the free package of CCleaner comes with privacy protection. Privacy protection keeps cookies or Javascript that accumulate during web browsing. It inhibits tracking by ad networks to make your online presence secure. Sensitive data is often stashed in cookies.


Part 2: Benefits & Downsides of CleanMyMac And CCleaner



  • Runs a meticulous, lightning-fast scan to remove system junk or unnecessary files
  • Reclaims massive gigabytes of free storage space in a matter of clicks
  • Maintenance suite armed with multiple utilities for quick fixes
  • It hives off digital trash in categories such as System Junk, iPhoto Junk, Trash and more
  • Innovative features like Time machine thinning, Hung applications, Updater, and Applications reset
  • Computes treasure troves of data for disk contents


  • Mac OS-only
  • Complicated settings



  • Compatible with all key platforms (Windows, Android, and Mac)
  • One-of-a-kind features like overwriting of unused space, browser cleanup, and privacy security
  • The free version allows you to delete browser junk
  • Simple, clean and intuitive interface
  • Runs extensive scans or repairs in a jiffy
  • Generates a comprehensive list of cookies for selective annihilation


  • Fewer features and maintenance options
  • Not dedicated for large and old files

Part 3: Best Alternative to CleanMyMac And CCleaner

iMyMac Mac Cleaner

With CleanMyMac and CCleaner behind the paywall, Mac Cleaner has rapidly emerged as a free alternative to reclaim 500 MB instantly. The newly-engineered and revolutionary Mac Cleaner scans with terrifying accuracy to wipe away junk and infuse supercomputer performance in a single click. Fast, effective and precise algorithms hive off junk files, redundant Email attachments, iTunes backup, or multi-languages for deletion.

It boasts game-changing technology to clean up your Mac with hypersonic speed, all in one click. It homes in junk files, clutter, and massive or obsolete files like a streak of lightning before nuking them into oblivion. It only erases safe-to-delete contents with a handy preview.

Mac Cleaner’s smooth integration provides storage optimization and space-saving benefits. It boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface for quick navigation.

Free Download

Software Updates

Keeping your Mac up to date gives it a new lease of life. Hit the Apple icon > App Store, then click on the Updates tab. Install software updates available for macOS. Updates include security or negligible performance enhancements for your version of macOS. Apple offers operating systems free of charge for the previous several iterations.

Reduce Login Items

If your Mac has loads of applications to launch at startup, it may run at a snail’s pace. Click System Preferences > Users & Groups and then hit the Login items tab to access a list of the programs that open by default as your Mac boots.

Part 4: Wrap It All up

Both CleanMyMac and CCleaner have wowed the hearts of Mac owners with their rich range of intelligent cleanup, optimization, and management features. They can also boost system speed. CleanMyMac jettisons unnecessary files, boosts the performance of apps and even runs maintenance tasks.

But the cherry on the cake is the extra features that make it an all-round cleanup package. CCleaner offers quick and easy-to-use software, which revamps your Mac and adds an extra layer of security to it.

However, the Windows version of the software packs more features. Mac Cleaner works extremely hard as all-in-one cleanup software to bring the best out of your machine. You can access Mac Cleaner here to reclaim 500 MB of hard drive space in a click.

Free Download