You can find anything on YouTube. Be it a favorite song of yours or maybe some new music that you want to have to a copy of, you can download it for playback. These days, it’s pretty easy to have a collection of songs on your Mac. You can just download them from sites like YouTube.

What better way to download such videos but in the M4A format, right? The thing is, is it possible to download YouTube to M4A? Well, it actually is. Today we’ll drive you in the car to experience the video conversion.

Contents: Part 1. Is M4A Better than MP3?Part 2. What Is The Best YouTube to M4A Converter?Part 3. How Do I Convert YouTube to M4A Online?Part 4. Conclusion

Part 1. Is M4A Better than MP3?

It’s safe to say that the most practical format to download a YouTube video is in the M4A file format. For starters, the M4A file format does not take up a lot of space. If you had to compare it with another commonly used file format like the MP3, well, M4A sounds a lot better. You get a crisp sound with the M4A file format.

Of course, that might be debatable for some folks. However, what is not debatable is the fact that the M4A file format does not take up too much space as compared to an MP3 file. Hence it does make a lot of sense to use the M4A file format. With the M4A file format, you will be able to download more YouTube videos. So let’s begin to talk about how to convert YouTube to M4A. There are three ways you can convert a YouTube video to an M4A file format. Take a look at the options listed below.

YouTube to M4A

Part 2. What Is The Best YouTube to M4A Converter?

To easily convert YouTube to M4A, you can use a powerful tool called iMyMac Video Converter. It just takes a couple of seconds to do the job. This program comes with some powerful editing features. Imagine, you can actually tweak and edit a YouTube video with the use of the iMyMac Video Converter. Furthermore, you will be able to enhance the YouTube video.

Take a look at the steps below to see how you can use it:

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  1. Download a YouTube video use any safe and web-based downloader.
  2. Download and install the iMyMac Video Converter, then open it.
  3. Add the YouTube video to the program. You can edit it, like adding some effects or even crop your video.
  4. Click Convert Format under the Effects Options. Choose M4A as output format to Save and then click on the Convert tab.

Convert YouTube Video to M4A

Part 3. How Do I Convert YouTube to M4A Online?

As you can see by its name, DumpMedia Online Downloader is a web-based program. Nonetheless, you can use it on your Mac if to convert YouTube to M4A. Then follow the steps below to see how you can use it to download YouTube to M4A online:

  1. Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to convert and download. Highlight the URL and right-click on it. Then select Copy from the drop-down list.
  2. Once you have copied the URL of your target video, paste it on the field of the DumpMedia. You will see the field right in the middle of the screen. Then click on the blue Download tab.
  3. After you have clicked on the Download tab, you will be taken to a new window where you can choose the M4A file format. Once you selected the file format, click on the Download tab and save the video.

Convert YouTube to M4A Online

Download YouTube Videos to M4A Formats with Free Download

This is another program you can consider using to download YouTube to M4A format. Take a look at the steps to see how you can use it.

  1. Go to their website and choose the Free Download for Mac. Install and open the program after you have downloaded it.
  2. Copy the link of your target video and paste it on the interface of the 5K player. Then click the tab you see at the opposite of the field to analyze the URL.
  3. Click the download tab again. The video will download. Once it’s done, click on the video to convert to M4A. You will see a Convert tab once you open the video inside the 5K Player.

Part 4. Conclusion

It’s pretty easy to download anything from YouTube these days. Fortunately, the three options mentioned above to convert YouTube to M4A are all coming from secure websites. However, it’s worth noting that you can edit your YouTube video with the iMyMac Video Converter.

How do you usually download your YouTube videos? Feel free to share some of your expertise with us.