Cache makes your internet browsing easy. It stores small files of the history of your browsing activities. So, when you visit the same website, it loads a lot faster. Hence, you’ll find it more convenient to browse online.

While cache makes it a lot more convenient for you, it also keeps you from seeing updated information. Eventually, you’ll be getting the same data stored in the cache. Hence, this is the reason why you should really know how to clear cache on Chrome Mac since Chrome is one of the most popular browsers.

Contents: Part 1. What is the Browser Cache?Part 2. Why is There a Need to Clear the Browser Cache?Part 3. How to Clear Cache in Chrome on Mac?Part 4. Best & Quickest Way to Clear Cache and Cookies on Google ChromePart 5. Conclusion

Part 1. What is the Browser Cache?

A browser cache is considered to be a temporary storage place wherein your downloaded files by the browser that you are using is located. Those files that went to your cache usually includes your documents that make up a website such as HTML files, CSS style sheets, JavaScripts, and even your multimedia content and your graphic images.

Once that you try to visit a website again, the browser that you are using will actually check on which content was updated or what is stored in your cache. Also, caches could be a help especially if you are having a slow internet connection or if you have limited access to the internet.

Web developers are great examples of folks who make it a habit to clear cache. The reason for that is because they need to see the updated versions of their websites. If they don’t clear out the cache, there’s a big chance that they won’t be able to see the changes to make to the websites they create and maintain.

Clean Browser History

Part 2. Why is There a Need to Clear the Browser Cache?

As you use your browser for a long time and you were not able to clear its cache, then it could pile up and take a lot of your space on your Mac’s hard drive.

Tips: If you are frustrated with the "Mac has run out of space" problem, you can read this guide to learn how to get more storage by cleaning your Mac's purgeable space.

This is because you are actually filling up your Mac’s browser will a lot of websites that you may not visit again. This could actually cause your browser to run slower than it was before. That is why you should occasionally clean up your cache once in a while.

Part 3. How to Clear Cache in Chrome on Mac?

Just like any other browser, Google Chrome also maintains the cache and history of its users. That is why those websites that they frequently visit will easily be loaded again. And also, it allows every user to visit the websites easily because they were able to access before.

However, as what we have mentioned earlier, the cache may pile up on your Mac’s browser and can affect its performance.

Here is how you can clear the cache on Mac Chrome browser using the built-in clearing mechanism. It is also easy to customize and as well as very accessible within your Google Chrome browser.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Mac.
  2. And then go to the Chrome menu.
  3. After that, choose “Clear Browsing Data” from the drop-down menu.

Clear Chrome Cache Mac

  1. On the “Clear Browsing data” screen, choose the cache type that you would want to clear from your Google Chrome browser.

You will be seeing there on your screen the following options:

  • Browsing History – which is the record of the web pages that you have visited.
  • Download History – This is the record of files that you have downloaded using Google Chrome.
  • Cookies and Other Site and Plugin Data – the cookies here might include customization and preferences for some web pages and also your data usage.
  • Cached Images and Files – these are the locally stored cache files and media from the sites that you visited using Google Chrome.
  • Passwords – this refers to the stored logins, usernames, and some authentication details.
  • Autofill Form Data – this is any information that you have chosen to keep in the autofill
  • Hosted App Data – these are the browser-based apps of local data and preferences.
  • Content Licenses – This is commonly for multimedia.
  1. After that, choose the time of period that you would want to delete it. Here, you can choose the option “the beginning of time”. This will delete all of your cache from the very first time that you have used your Google Chrome browser.

Then that’s it! You have successfully cleared the cache on your Google Chrome using your Mac.

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Aside from the solution that we have mentioned above, there is actually another way for you to clear the cache on Chrome and this is by using the system on your Mac. This actually has a similarity on how you clear cache on your Safari browser.

There are actually two primary locations where your cache files on Chrome are stored on your Mac. And with that, you can access it by using your user Library folder or by using the "Command + Shift + G" which is a Go to folder command. All you have to do is to enter the following paths.

  • Step 1. Firstly, you have to enter this path: ~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/
  • Step 2. And then, enter this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Application Cache/

So, if you are going to clear the cache on your Google Chrome using this method, then you have to make sure that you quit your Google Chrome application first before you begin.

Also, you have to keep in mind that you should not modify or remove any cache files or folders manually not unless you no longer want to be your browser cache to be accessible on the certain web pages.

Clear Chrome Cache on Mac

Part 4. Best & Quickest Way to Clear Cache and Cookies on Google Chrome

The solutions that we gave you with how you can actually delete cache on your Google Chrome using your Mac is actually easy. However, there is a much easier way for you to do this.

And this is by using a trusted tool that will help you in cleaning up any browser that you have on your Mac including your Google Chrome browser. And the best tool that we can recommend to you is by using the PowerMyMac Privacy tool.

PowerMyMac is actually the most effective and easiest and quickest way for you to clean up any browser that you have on your Mac. It is an excellent tool to improve any browser or even your Google Chrome browser’s online experience.

So, since PowerMyMac can help you in removing all of your histories, cookies, and other junk files, remove some deceleration reasons, clear privacy traces that will help you in protecting any confidential data that you have.

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Now, for you to get started in using the PowerMyMac - Privacy module, here are some guidelines that you can follow to automatically clear cache in Chrome on Mac:

  1. Download, install and launch PowerMyMac on your Mac.
  2. Choose the Privacy option and start to SCAN your Chrome.
  3. Choose the Chrome browser and its cache data to Clean.

Best Way To Clear Out Cache On Chrome

Part 5. Conclusion

Clearing the cache on your browser is pretty easy as it will not consume a lot of your time. All you have to do is to follow all the steps that we have provided you earlier and you are all set. Once that you are done cleaning the cache of your Google Chrome browser, then you will have a better experience in browsing.

Cleaning your cache manually is very easy but there is still another easier way for you to do this. And this is by using the PowerMyMac's Privacy. This program will be able to help you in removing all the data that no longer need on your Mac’s Google Chrome browser. Doing this once in a while will definitely make you gain a better feeling in using Chrome browser.

So have the PowerMyMac now and we assure you that you will be able to help your Mac in so many ways.

So, if you have another way on how you can clear the cache on the Google Chrome browser on your Mac, then let us know so you can help some other people as well.