One of the best features of using a MacBook Pro or any other laptop is because of its portability. It will allow you to work anywhere you want without having it plugged into an outlet. This is because a MacBook has its own battery and you can have it charged if you want to use it anywhere at any time.

However, there is one issue that you can definitely experience this. And that is if your MacBook Pro is not charging. This can really be a pain in the butt especially if you are in a place wherein there is no available outlet. If this is your case, we have here some information as to why your MacBook Pro is not charging. We also have included here some solutions for you that you can do for you to fix this issue.

Part 1: Things of MacBook Pro That You Need to Look Out For

Of course, for you to be able to make a solution, you must first identify the problem. Having a knowledge of what the cause is will help you solve it quickly. Here are some things that you need to look out for if your MacBook Pro is not charging.

1. Check if your MacBook is plugged in. Is the MagSafe connection plugged into your MacBook?

2. Was the Apple adaptor connected properly? You need to know that every Apple laptop adaptor has two parts. One is the square shape adaptor and the other one is the removable plug which connects it to a wall. What you should do is to separate these two parts and then have

3. Were you able to plug into a wall outlet? Was the socket on? Did you try to plug it into another outlet? These are all just basic but you need to be sure that you double check this.

4. What does the adaptor look like? Does it have any flaws? If so, have you tried using a different adaptor?

5. Make sure that you have checked your laptop or your MagSafe for any dust that might be a cause why it is not charging.

6. You can also check the battery icon found on your Menu bar. If this says “Service Battery” then it is time that you need to replace it. Do not worry because your MacBook will still be able to work. However, its battery is already dead and you will not be able to charge it anymore.

Fixing Macbook

Part 2: Reasons Why Your MacBook Pro is Not Charging

There are also some possible reasons as to why your MacBook Pro is not charging. Here are some of them.

1. Broken Connections

2. Hardware Problems

3. Overheating

4. Battery Critical Condition

5. Incorrect Settings

Part 3: How to Troubleshoot MacBook Pro That is Not Charging

Now, you have known some the reason why your MacBook Pro is not charging, then it is time for you to make some steps for you to fix this issue. Here are some methods for you that you can do for you to fix the problem.

Method #1: Check Your Hardware

Before you go any further, you need to start from the very basic. In this kind of situation wherein, your MacBook Pro is not charging, you must first need to see all the accessories that you are using for charging. Check your cable for any damage. Try to see if there are any broken spots on the cable. If you were able to find any damage on your cable, then that means that it can be one cause why your MacBook Pro is not charging.

Next step will be is for you to check if there are any foreign objects on your ports. A dusty port can be one cause why your MacBook Pro is not charging. This is because it is blocking the connection. Make sure that you clean any dust or debris on your port.

Then, make sure that you are plugged into a wall socket and you have turned it on. If it still not working, go ahead and try to use a different wall socket.

Check Your Hardware

Method #2: Perform A Reboot on your MacBook Pro

If the Apps on your MacBook Pro can be unresponsive or frozen, then so does its hardware. The hardware that controls the charging of your MacBook Pro can also be frozen. Because of this, doing a simple reboot will do the trick.

1. Go ahead and click on the Apple logo found at the top left corner of your screen.

2. After that, go ahead and click on restart.

3. Wait for your MacBook to reboot. Once it is fully on, go ahead and try charging it.

Method #3: Check the Health of Your Battery

The battery of your MacBook Pro can wear out faster especially if you use it intensively. What you should do here is for you to monitor the status of your battery. If you do not do this, then you might be at risk of having dead MacBook. This is a relevant thing to do especially if your battery is not charging at all using a cable.

For you to be able to see the state of your battery life, go ahead and press and hold the Option key and then click the battery icon. Once you do that, the advanced option will then appear on your screen. You need to know the four states of your battery health.

1. Normal – This is if your battery is working properly.

2. Replace Soon – Your battery is still working. However, it is not the same as it is before and there is a need for replacement.

3. Replace Now – This indicates that there is a need for an immediate change of battery. This is because it keeps the charge very bad.

4. Service Battery – Which means that your battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If not, then there is a risk that your MacBook will be damaged.

You have to know that the life of your battery on your MacBook Pro is your number one priority.

Method #4: Reset Your SMC

SMC or the System Management Controller is the one who is responsible for the management of your battery life. So, if your MacBook is not charging, trying to reset it may help you fix the problem.

Keep in mind that resetting the SMC with a removable battery and a non-removable battery has a different process. This is one reason for you to figure out if you have a removable battery.If the battery is removable:

1. Shut down your MacBook Pro

2. Remove your battery

3. Press and hold the power button for about five seconds.

4. Reinstall your battery

5. Turn on your MacBook

If the battery is non-removable:1. Shut down your MacBook Pro

2. Press the Shift + Control + Option + Power button all at the same time for about ten seconds.

3. Release all the keys after ten seconds

4. Press the power button of your MacBook for you to turn it back on.

Reset  SMC

Method #5: Cool Down Your MacBook

One possible reason as to why your MacBook is not charging is because it is already overheating. Once that the thermal sensor of your MacBook Pro detects a rise in temperature, then it is more likely that they block access to your battery. This is done for the safety of your MacBook.

If you are experiencing that your MacBook is overheating, all you need to do is to turn it off and let it cool down for some time. If you are using it outside, then you have to go to a place that is shady because a direct contact to sunlight can also cause it to overheat.

Part 4: Checking Battery Status to Avoid Charging Issues

For you to avoid any charging issues on your MacBook Pro, then it is a good idea for you to monitor its battery status. For you to do this, you will need a reliable utility for you to use. The most recommended tool that you can use is the iMyMac Cleaner.

The iMyMac Cleaner will surely give you a notification about your battery health. Not only that, it will also notify you once that there is an issue arising on your MacBook Pro and it will also help you fix it. Aside from these, there are also other features that the iMyMac Cleaner have.

Features of iMyMac Cleaner

1. It will help you speed up your MacBook Pro

2. It can quickly and safely delete all of your junk files from your MacBook Pro for you to gain more storage space.

3. It can also help you locate and then remove all of your unneeded Email Attachments, multi-Language, and you iTunes Backup

4. It can also help your scan and then delete all the large files that you no longer need on your MacBook Pro.

Let's get started with iMyMac-Cleaner!

Step 1: Download and Launch iMyMac-Cleaner on Your MacBook Pro

Go ahead and have the program downloaded from our official website at After that, go ahead and install it on your MacBook Pro.Once that you have successfully installed the program on your MacBook Pro, go ahead and launch it. On the main screen of the program, you will be able to see where the status of your Mac system. You have all the options that you want to do on the left side of your screen.

Let’s say you want to clean up all your junk files. All you have to do is to select System Junk on the left side of your screen

check Mac system status

Step 2: Scanning System Junk

After that, go ahead and click on the Scan button and then wait until the program is done scanning your MacBook Pro. Once that the scanning process is complete, the iMyMac Cleaner will then show you all the junk files on your MacBook.

The program will also categorize all of your junk files for easier viewing. You can also click the Rescan button for you to scan again your MacBook Pro.

Junk Files Scan

Step 3: Review and Select Items to Clean Up

The iMyMac Cleaner will then show you all your junk files into categories. You will see there categories like Application Cache, Photo Junks, Mail Junks, System Logs, System Cache, and more.

Here, all you have to do is to clean the category and then all the data that it contains will appear on the right side of your screen. Choose all the data that you want to clean up and then click on the Clean button. The iMyMac Cleaner will then ask you to confirm the action. To do this, just go ahead and click on the Confirm button.

You can also do the same steps for Mail Trash and Large and Old Files.

Clean selected files

Step 4: Clean Up Mac System Junk is Done

Once that you have clicked on the Clean button and you have also confirmed it, you will be able to see a “Zero KB” indicator. This means that the folder has been cleaned out.However, there are some folders that do not have this indication. This is because that particular folder is an auto recreated folder.

Clean Junk Files Completed

Part 5: Conclusion

It is very important for you that you monitor the life of your battery. This is for you to keep that portable experience on using your MacBook Pro. Also, this is for you to avoid having issues like your laptop is not charging. Be considerate of how you use your MacBook Pro. Try not to use it while you are charging it so that the battery won’t get damaged.

Also, having the iMyMac Cleaner is one of the most useful software that you can have on your MacBook. It can help you monitor any issues on your MacBook Pro and fix it. It can also speed up your MacBook and give you more storage space for your new files and applications.

Have the program installed on your MacBook Pro and rest assured that you will have the best experience ever. A clean MacBook is a healthy MacBook, keep that in your mind.